No amount of therapy, meditation or forced laughter could calm the simmering volcano inside of her. All the self-help books in the world couldn’t take away the pain or her heartbreak. The empty walls of her home haunted her. Then one day she decided to set herself free! The next day she was found in […]

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Would you?

Would you miss me if I died today? shed a tear for me when I am gone? speak about me to your family and friends? remember me from time to time? tell the world that I was special to you? speak at my funeral of my antics? say that I was a child around you? […]

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That denim shirt!

He lost me to her, in a bet. I was his favorite because I fit him well. I am her favorite now only because I was once his. I think she sometimes regrets washing me. She misses his scent. For others I am an oversized denim shirt. But for her, I am a piece of […]

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Safe haven!

They had a happy life He was hers Life was bliss All of this resided in her head No one but she could take that away from her Her head was her safe haven.

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They added sweetness to each other’s life. He was her fragrance and she his sugar Together they were a perfect blend.

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