I promise to love you forever I promise to pray for your happiness I promise to let you be yourself I promise to pray for your good health I promise to believe in you I promise to stand by you I promise to walk by your side I promise to let you go when you […]

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The Other Woman

I called her a homebreaker until I saw her broken heart. I called her cruel until I saw her kindness. I called her a manipulator until I realised she was a victim of circumstance. I called her heartless until I saw her bruised soul. I called her a thief until I saw the things she […]

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If only?

Dear Lover, If only, we had met earlier If only, our dreamland converged with our real one If only, the tides turned in our favor If only, we lived in far off land, away from the rest of the world If only, we could love the way we wanted to If only, we could travel […]

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Memories haunted Unkept promises mocked Fate laughed Faith gave up Strength left Yet She took it all in her stride With a Smile

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“Fragrance won’t last long” he insisted.  “But some scents touch the soul” she said looking into his eyes. 

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You Are the Reason in my arguement  Laughter in my happiness Oxygen in the air I breathe  Taste in my food Soul in my body  

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She sat on her rocking chair randomly changing channels on the remote. Her mind was not at peace today. The expensive wristwatch that her roommate received for her birthday had triggered several racing thoughts in her head. Receiving gifts was a concept nonexistent in her life. She was a giver. She always gave gifts to […]

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