Childhood memories – Hypnotism!!!!

Summer vacations were always the best part of my schooling days. This was the longest time that I got to spend at home considering the fact that I was always away during my school days. This was also the time when my aunt with her kids Mr. CR and Ms. LR visited us from Mumbai! It was fun time for us kids which included Mr.CR, Ms.LR my little sis Ms.SS and myself. We played all day long with games varying from lagori to cricket to hide and seek to ‘I shopkeeper’ where one of us became the shopkeeper and the other 3 were customers to the shop!!!! We the older ones always bullied the younger ones to be the shopkeeper while we played the irritating customers to the shop.  The paper cut into identical rectangles with numbers 10, 20, 50, 100 were our currency notes!!!

Of the 4 of us Mr. CR was the prankster who teamed up with either my little sis or me to play pranks on people. I shared a kind of love-hate relationship with him. I loved him when I teamed up with him to play pranks on others and hated him when I was the victim of his pranks and sometimes ridicule 😉

One prank that Mr.CR played on our little siblings that I still remember is the HYPNOTISM prank. It still brings a smile on my face when I hear the word hypnotism.

One evening all 4 of us were lying on the floor and watching TV. I am not sure what we were watching but it showed a man doing  hypnotism on another! Both our younger siblings asked in unison what is hypnotism. It is always the duty of the elders to enlighten the younger ones, so we got into to the task of explaining it to them though  we ourselves knew very little 😉

Just as we had finished explaining our siblings hypnotism, Mr.CR dropped the bomb!

Mr.CR : I know the basics of how to hypnotize. I had tried it on my friend sometime back and it worked. I made him bark like a dog.

Ms.SS & Ms.LR : Oh please stop it anna. We know you are bluffing as usual.

Mr.CR :Aree no no.. Trust me. If you don’t believe me, why not I try it on you both and then you can be sure if it works or not.

Here I am quick enough to extend my support to Mr.CR.

Me : Yes, let him try it on you both and then you can be sure if he is lying or not. What say?

Both Ms.SS and  Ms. LR seem convinced with my argument and they accept to be hypnotized. Meanwhile Mr.CR found a long string and a put in a key chain to the string.

Mr.CR (to Ms.SS and Ms.LR) : Now listen to me very carefully. I will move this string back and forth and you will set your eyes on the key chain and concentrate completely. I don’t want you all to be distracted once I have started with this process. Is that understood?

Ms.SS and Ms.LR now become serious and they nod to say they have understood.

Mr.CR’s hypnotism begins and both Ms.SS and Ms.LR  are concentrating on the oscillating key chain. After a while Mr.CR instructs them to close their eyes.

Mr.CR (to Ms.SS and Ms.LR) : Now I want you both to imagine that you are walking on a road all alone. You don’t know where you are and there is nobody else to ask where the road goes.

Mr.CR (to Ms.SS and Ms.LR) : Can you both imagine yourself walking on the road in no man’s land?

Ms.SS and Ms.LR : Yes.

Mr.CR : Good. Now as you are walking on the road you see that a deviation on the road where one route says that it goes to the sea and the other says it goes to the desert. Which route would you take?

Ms.SS and Ms.LR : I want to go the sea.

Mr.CR: Okay. You now take the route to the sea and after walking for a while you can see the sea at a distance. Can you see the sea now? Can you see the waves?

Ms.SS and Ms.LR nod their heads.

Soon after Mr.CR rushes to the bathroom comes out with two mugs  full of water and splashes it on Ms.SS and Ms.LR.

Ms.LR and Ms.SS are taken by surprise and start yelling at Mr.CR.  Mr.CR says with a smile,  that was a wave from the sea that drenched them. Now Ms.LR and Ms.SS are dumbstruck!

Mr.CR and I laughed our lungs out!

Those were the kind of fun/pranks we had when we were kids! Now they are just memories 😦  Gone are those carefree days.

Mr.CR and I are occupied with our work, little Ms. SS and Ms.LR busy with their college. Summer vacations are now a thing of the past!!!

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5 thoughts on “Childhood memories – Hypnotism!!!!

  1. Hello, We are glad to have your entry for the contest. Your post is very nice. We wish you all the best for the contest.
    – Team imlee


  2. Ha ha … what a lovely hypnotism session. Must have been a blast!
    I too miss summer vacations a lot. Those carefree afternoons and fun evenings are now a thing of the past. Sigh.
    All the best for the contest! 🙂


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