Matrimonial Meeting

Arranging marriages is a favorite pastime of people in India. When the girl/boy attain a marriageable age the hunt for potential groom/bride begins in full swing. All known/unknown relatives are informed about the availability of the girl/boy. Horoscopes and the photographs are passed on to all the acquaintances and several rounds of visit to the astrologer is made.

If both sides like the photograph (in my case it is just one, because I never got to see the photograph of the guy) and the horoscopes match then is the next big step “The matrimonial meeting” .

Nobody of the marriageable age  living in India  is spared of this process! It might seem funny for a spectator but trust me it is a very stressful and a torturous process! At least I can vouch for it 😉

A few months back I had to meet a potential groom (hereafter referred to as PG!). I was to meet this guy later in the evening and all morning the phone didn’t stop ringing with distant aunts calling to give me piece of advice (read warning/threat).

I was persuaded to wear a sari for the occasion specifically a  light coloured sari (do not ask me why a light coloured saree, this request/demand supposedly came from the PG’s side!!!)

*Fast-forward to the meeting*

I walk in to a room holding  a  juice tray looking like character straight out of an old Hindi movie, I notice 15 pairs of eyes staring at me, I am still unsure who all those people were and why had they accompanied the PG. I placed the tray on the table and then sat on a corner chair with my heads down. Even with my heads down I could see my aunt glaring at me because I was instructed to serve the juice which I didn’t fearing I would drop the tray on somebody’s head!! Somebody who had accompanied the PG suggested that we both should have a word in private. I was shown the room upstairs while PG followed with the 3 ladies behind him. The PG insisted the ladies to join us too but the ladies were sensible enough to say that they would wait out!

PG : Hi, My name is P. I was working in Dubai till recently but now I am moving to Qatar. I have 3 siblings. My sister is married. She stays in Bangalore. They own a house in Bangalore. My brothers are younger to me they are yet to be married. One brother is a choreographer he teaches dance  (I thought choreographers build rockets :P) and the other one is studying. I studied in Nitte. I am a civil engineer and I also have an additional degree from Dubai. I plan to stay abroad for another 10 years and then come back to India. I am a very simple person!

I simply nod my head when he says all this in one breath.

PG : Would you like to work after marriage?

Me : Of course.

PG : Great. I shall look for a job in my office!

Me : But you are into civil engineering. I am into to altogether a different stream!

PG : That is not a problem. You can do other office work.

Me : @!#$^&

PG continues : Would you have a problem if I said yes to you?

Me : I think it is too early. We just met 10 mins ago. We both will have to give this a considerable thought and then come to a decision.

PG : Of course, Of course!  But let me tell you I can say what people are like just by looking at them. I can tell you are a very good girl.

I smile and say that I am flattered.

Me : I can never say anything about people just as I meet them.

PG : I can do it all the time because I have a good “SENSE OF HUMOR”!!

I am too flabbergasted to say anything!!

Had you been in my place what would you say???

{Most of the things above are true however a few minute changes are made to make them funny!}

4 thoughts on “Matrimonial Meeting

  1. well did you say YES or no is the question forget about what others think 🙂

    if i was in ur place I would have laughed out loud MUUUUUUU HA HA HA HA HAA HA A and made sure all the aunties heard it tooooooo 🙂


    1. This experience has now become a matter of joke to me and my friends and now to my blog readers but trust me I was so angry then 🙂

      No Bikram, I did not say him a YES!!! I am better off without the SENSE OF HUMOR 😛


  2. Lol….so I guess you rejected this simple (or is it sample?) dude from Dubai!! 😛
    I really don’t understand why they wanna see the gals in sarees or even anything specific…I was also told to go in a formal shirt (don’t forget to tuck in, i was told) and trousers!! 😛 I went in a tee (untucked) and torn (almost) jeans…and the gal liked the informal approach (she gotta know abt insanity post marriage only though 😛 ) and approved!! On the other hand, she had followed the advices she had received from N no. of sources (read: relatives) and had come in a salwar suit (not saree thankfully cos we met outside on the roads)…the only thing she asked me was “do u object to me wearing jeans, three-fourths, shorts?” and i was thinking “did u even look at how I came to meet you?”!! My “yes” gave way to her saying “yes” to the proposal…. 😛

    and btw, to what I said in my post about gals liking to reject…its true….many do it just for fun…either cos they are not ready to get married (are forced by parents) or they have this preset thought that they shouldnt accept the first one (atleast!!)… 😛 On the other hand, guys will be guys…they fall in love with every gal they meet!! 😉 they say a yes/no is a different matter altogether! 🙂

    Good post!! Funny…more to come I believe as this saga of serving drinking to strangers in a “light colored” saree continues!! 😉 😛


    1. I wish there was a like button for comments!!! But I still disagree with “girls liking to reject”. I know a couple of friends who have said yes to the first guy they have met!

      Lets see for how long the saga continues! I shall keep you posted 🙂


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