Kyra – The sunshine Girl

On a lazy Sunday afternoon I sat under a beach umbrella on a beach chair watching my friends play volley ball. I sat turning pages of my book pretending to be reading but all my attention was towards the game of volley ball.

“I wish I too was playing with them” I murmured to myself.

“What is stopping you from playing then” I hear a voice say.

I turned around to see who it is. She is Kyra who used to be my senior in college. I have seen her a couple of times in college. We have exchanged smiles but never spoken. .

“Hi I am Kyra.” She introduces herself.

“Hi I know, I have seen you in college. I was your junior” I reply.

“Oh is it. I am sorry I don’t remember seeing you. What’s your name?” she asks smilingly.

“I am Priya”.

“Nice to meet you Priya.”

She then said about her new job as an intern at an advertising agency, her family, the city’s traffic, her ever nagging boss and all the topics under the sun. For people passing by it must have looked like we both are best of friends catching up after a long time. She did all the talking and I did the listening. While I was listening to Kyra, I observed her carefully. I had to admit that she was very attractive. She had arched eyebrows complimenting her oval face. Her thick brown hair was tied into a pony. But what I found very appealing about her was her flawless skin. As I was lost in my thoughts, Kyra said “I hope I am not boring you with my stories”. “Oh no. Not at all” I manage to tell.

Suddenly Kyra asks “You still haven’t answered me. Why aren’t you playing if you want to?”.

I explain her that I have to attend a wedding in the family by the end of the week, and I get tanned if exposed to sun even for a little time and worse I even get sunburns sometimes! I came along only because my friends insisted to come. I tell her that I am not blessed with a skin like hers. She laughs as I say this. I think she is being too modest to accept my compliment.

“Priya I must show you something”.

“Ok” I say almost in a whisper unsure what it is that she would want to show me.

She picks up her bag from the ground and digs deep inside her bag. She finds her wallet and removes a photo from the wallet. She hands over a picture to me. The picture is of a teenage girl, the girl has striking resemblance to Kyra except for her complexion which is very dark unlike Kyra’s. I decide it must be her sister.

“Kyra, your sister looks so much like you”.

“No it isn’t my sister. It is me.” She says.

I stare at the picture in disbelief.

“I was very dark when I was younger. But then I have discovered the MAGIC” replied Kyra.

“MAGIC” I asked questioningly!!!

Image Courtesy :

“Yes. And the Magic is my LAKME , I use Lakme Sun Expert Fairness +UV Lotion SPF 50 PA+++. This is the best. It protects your skin from the harmful UV and prevents sun burns.”

“But does it work” I asked apprehensively.

“Of course it does. Look at me” said a confident Kyra.

She passed her Lakme Sun Expert to me and asked me to apply. Then she had a few tips for me :

  • Make sure the SPF of your sunscreen lotion is above 30.
  • Apply sunscreen lotion at least half an hour before you go out so that your skin absorbs the sunscreen lotion
  • Apply the sunscreen lotion every 5 hours.

I thanked her said I would follow her advice. She said that wouldn’t be enough. She said I introduce my friends to her we all play a game of volley ball. I reluctantly agreed. It was super fun! After volley ball we played water sports too. In spite of all the fun, I couldn’t help thinking of the wedding and the tanning. My thoughts were put to rest only after I returned home and looked at myself on the mirror. Miraculously I hadn’t tanned despite being in the sun the whole day.

I quickly rushed out of the house to grocery shop to buy myself a Lakme Sun Expert!

Thank you Kyra! You are my Sun Shine Girl!!!

This post is my entry to The Lakmé Diva Blogger Contest on indiblogger. 

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