The Blunder Maker

Have you ever made blunders? If yes congratulations you have a company. If  no, too bad 😦

I have been labelled a “Blunder Maker” by my family and I have ever since worked really hard to do justice to the title bestowed upon me. I must add this isn’t an easy task considering the fact that you must always come up with innovative blunders all the time.

Here are a  few innovative blunders I have ever committed.

Example 1 :

On a  Sunday morning I  thought I would prepare breakfast. What better than a Dosa and Chutney? I put the rice  and water in the mixer jar and switched it on. Meanwhile I grated coconut for the chatni. The mixer made a screeching sound and came to a halt. Apparently I put very little water and hence the blades refused to move and the socket holding the jar overheated.  All I wanted to do was cook breakfast. In spite the fact that the breakfast turned out well nobody paid me compliments, it was the mixer they mourned!

Example 2 :

Generally I am not fond of cleaning. My room is testimony to it. But there are times when I am on  a cleaning spree and I am unstoppable. On one such fateful day while I was cleaning the house, I happened to look up at the ceiling (I curse this moment till date) I saw cobwebs on the edges of the tube light. I immediately went in to get cobweb remover and started removing the cobweb. Just as I was doing it , the cobweb remover hit the tube light and the tube light came crashing down. Sigh!

Example 3 :

One afternoon I was on my yet another cooking endeavor. I put some oil on the pan and switched on the gas. I realised there wasn’t enough oil in the bottle I went inside to fetch oil not realising the gas was kept on high flame. By the time I returned to kitchen, I saw my dad and sis standing at the kitchen door trying to set off the fire the utensil had got due to overheating and a part of the wall had turned black!  What is it with me and overheating!! Do I need to tell what happened next?

Example 4 :

At our home we divide work at least we think so. My dad and sis generally do the washing I look after the kitchen. Did you just ask how my folks still trust me the kitchen work? I would like to believe I cook well 🙂 But if you ask them they would say they do not have any other option. Now coming to the point, one day while my dad was away, I took upon myself the duties of washing department. I picked up all the white clothes to wash first. I put them into the washing machine and rinsed them 3-4 times then removed them to a bucket containing Ujala. I thought I will leave it for sometime and went in to the living area. There was “Twilight” being shown on TV. I was so engrossed watching Bella and Edward that I blissfully forgot about the clothes soaked in Ujala. I then went to the bathroom only when I had to answer nature’s call ;). To my horror the white clothes had turned blue!!!

8 thoughts on “The Blunder Maker

  1. it seems all my life all i have done is made blunders .. so wlecome to my world 🙂

    he he he that made me laugh the mixer oooops …

    and point three I have done that many a times, and come back to smelly kitchen with smoke all over and the alarm going off 🙂 to realise that i had gone out to pick something not go out in the garden and start to do something else …


  2. you have a big company out here in this blog world 🙂 we are all the blunder makers.. I have cooked rice without water, turned a vessel pitch black by boiling water in it for hours.. basically I forgot about it and MIL was the first to see the vessel burning on its own without water.. I don’t have to explain the rest do I? so join the club.. 🙂


    1. I haven’t cooked rice without water (this is one I am yet to try). But I have definitely left the vessel burning on its own with needle in the vessel. Actually I was trying to sterilize the needle (don’t ask me why)!!!


  3. haha. 🙂 I’ve cooked (tried to) rice without water in the cooker. The cooker became useless after that, not sure what happened to it. My mother was super mad, to say the least 😀


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