How to annoy me???

No don’t be under the impression that this post is a manual on “How to annoy me?”  People manage to do it quite well without the manual 😛

I am sure we all at some point or the other have faced annoying questions from people (mostly relatives) and how you wish you could just give it back to them on their face. But you never get the chance since you are to be in the best of your behavior. Ah the social demands to behave well with relatives!!

Here are the questions (some asked with genuine interest/concern, but still they piss me off) asked which annoys me and how I wish I could give them the answers mentioned below.

1) Why have you lost so much weight?

A : I have been offered a role in the latest Yashraj Film. The producers want me to have  a size zero figure. Now if I have to give Kareena a run for her money, this figure is necessary you know!

2)Why are you still working here in Mangalore? Why don’t you look for a job in Bangalore?

A: Well, it is my dream to join the Sri Rama Sena. I am very influenced by the work that they do. Unfortunately I wasn’t part of their last famous campaign when they raided the pubs and beat up people there. I am hoping they would let me know this time and I get a chance to do my bit to the society 😉

3)You have been working for a while now, how much have you saved up? 

A: I don’t want to sound pompous but I have saved up enough to buy the Taj Mahal. Do you think the government would be interested in selling?

4)How much do you earn every month Maga (meaning child in Tulu)? 

A: I earn a  little lesser than Mukesh Ambani. But I have already given hints to the company that if they don’t hike my salary next appraisal, they can as well take a hike 😉

5)Why aren’t you getting married? We found a very good match for you last time (read about it here) but you rejected it. Why?

A: I have realized that life is an illusion. Nothing here is permanent. What comes has to go. So is it with relationships. So I have decided to remain a spinster. Perhaps I could join an ashram sometime later.

6)You do not seem very keen on getting married. Do you have a boyfriend?

A: Oh Yes aunty. How did you read my mind? Can you please persuade Papa to get me married to him? Only problem is that he is a Muslim. (no offence to Muslims, but it is enough to give a minor nah major heart attack to my family)

14 thoughts on “How to annoy me???

  1. hmmmm right now that i know what not to ask you , it shud be happy talking to you 🙂 he he he he

    but what do u mean you are not married .. so tell me again why you not married

    time for me to vanishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  2. lol!! Annoying, no very annoying questions indeed and funnier answers!! As I always say, If I could honestly tell people what I feel half ppl around me would die of heart attack 😉


    1. Yes they are very very annoying questions. Just yesterday a lady was interested in knowing why had a lost weight and another lady called up to know how much I earn every month!!!! I thought of this blog post and laughed out loud 🙂

      And welcome here 🙂 Keep visiting because I need audience to hear out my rants 😉


  3. 😆

    Very funny answers! I’m going to steal away a few of them – esp about weight gain and loss!! and the savings part as well!! hehe!
    very nicely written! 😀


    1. Thank you 🙂

      I haven’t given these answers to anybody as yet! I would be happy if you give these answers to the deserving people 😉

      And yeah welcome here 🙂


    1. It would fun to look at the puzzled expressions on people’s faces when they are the receiving end of these answers! I think I should try it soon. Thank you 🙂


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