Satyameva Jayate – A thought

There are very few people in India who haven’t  watched Satyamev Jayate. Since the show is also being aired on Doordarshan, it has been able to reach even the remotest places where Cable network is yet to set its foot.

Satyameva Jayate the brain child of Aamir Khan is addressing issues like female infanticide, child sexual abuse, dowry etc. The show has been applauded by the majority of the people. It has also infuriated a few doctors who claim that the doctors are shown in bad light.  Despite this the show has been well received.

There might be cynics amongst us who question the credibility of the show and its makers. A few of them might say the show could no good to anybody, except the makers of the show and their sponsors. Perhaps the makers will make a few bucks, so what? Can we not look at the larger good. If not anything, the show is making people aware. Awareness in my opinion is a virtue.

Having said all this, I cannot help asking this question.

Would Satyameva Jayate be as popular as it is today; if Aamir Khan wasn’t a part of it?

For most of us including me, the reason we all sat in front of our TV sets, when the first episode of Satyameva Jayate was aired was Aamir Khan. Aamir Khan, over the years has branded himself remarkably well and the audience can be sure that any film or TV show associated with him will be worth a watch. True to our expectations, Aamir Khan and his team have delivered a great show. This show deserves all the accolades for the way it addresses the sensitive issues.

But (without taking away any credit from the show) “Would Satyameva Jayate be so popular if it were hosted and produced by a lesser known  face ? ”  No doubt we are a celebrity fixated nation. We don’t mind giving Shah Rukh Khan all the credit when the  team partly owned by him wins the IPL. (Sorry, for deviating from the topic but I couldn’t help saying it.)

Do we need celebrities to draw audience to a show as good as Satyameva Jayate?

Do share your thoughts on this.

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10 thoughts on “Satyameva Jayate – A thought

  1. well the problems or issues that amir is telling about , everyone knows about them but we never want to agree that we have a problem..

    so ot answer your question YES had aamir not been doing it , this would not have made any impact , maybe for a day or two but as usual it would have gone soon..

    and again to answer yes we need celebrities but good ones , not the types of SRK who are busy filling their own pockets rather then do something for the nation .. if you know what i mean ..

    THe reason why i say is we indians love to follow, we are like sheep 🙂 so yeah we need a celebrity otherwise why will people not agree to the fact that we have a problem , or shout hoarse that If someone like me says their is a problem I am bringing the name of the nation down..


    1. It is sad that people don’t want to listen to a common man. Replace the common man with a A league Bollywood star… Voila you have people’s full attention.

      But Aamir deserves all the credit for the show 🙂 And Aamir’s brnad value also adds to it. No other Bollywood actor in my opinion could have made an impact like this which includes SRK(although I like his movies barring Ra.One ofcourse ;))


  2. Well…I don’t watch television…but then i’m aware of this program through the news channels that make it larger than it is!! Not bad, for awareness is to be spread across!! 🙂
    Apart from awareness, how much this show will change the country and its we-do-it-in-the-name-of-tradition attitude is to be seen…however as an Indian wanting a change, I’d love to be optimistic about it!! 🙂
    To answer your question, our people need some celebrity or known face to stick to something like this…take Aamir out, and its TRPs would go down by half…no doctors would feel agitated at the host’s they do, coz people listen to (& believe) Aamir no matter he’s right, wrong, aware or unaware!! 🙂


    1. Yes our news channels do make it larger when it is a celebrity involved. Well Pal had written a very good post on what do would the show or the petitions signed would do. There was this comment by Praveen(PT) on this post, according to which the petitions are not a waste after all. Lets hope it would bring out some change at least 🙂

      You are so right about “no doctors would feel agitated at the host’s views”. Had it been a nobody saying it, they wouldn’t give a damn 🙂


  3. Would Satyameva Jayate be as popular as it is today; if Aamir Khan wasn’t a part of it?
    In my opinion, no. It would be popular, perhaps. But not as popular. But again, I am not sure.


  4. We have a celebrity fixation. So, no, it would not have worked without him. I also think that the fact that he tried to spread the show across channels helped.


  5. Hmm .. I really really (really) think Aamir is the brain-child behind all this. Very few can pull off a coup-of-sorts like this.

    Think about it:
    – Aired a new show at 11:00 AM on Sunday, a slot completely ignored by advertisers and broadcasters
    – Created a show about serious issues, again a segment completely ignored by advertisers
    – Convinced Star to freely broadcast a private show on public TV (DD)

    You can’t pull off these feats without some serious star power. Seriously, Aamir Khan didn’t compromise, and convinced the money to follow him.


    1. You are spot on in your observations. This show is unconventional in not one but many ways. Like most of them commented here this would not have been as popular had it not been for Aamir Khan. God bless him 🙂


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