Common sense not so Common!

One day last week  since I was help up at work I left office a little late. As expected I missed my usual bus and was left with good 20 minutes to spare. What better way to make use of your spare time than visit the library to exchange books. So headed to the library.

When I entered the library, I saw a lady in conversation with the library uncle. I kept my old books at the counter and was looking for new ones. When I was searching for books, I heard the conversation between the lady and the library uncle. No I wasn’t eavesdropping! Anybody could have heard their conversation provided one is not deaf and absent minded. Since I am neither I had no problem listening to it 😉

Okay now let me write about the conversation. That is interesting part of the post. The library uncle also provides identity cards for the students of Kasturba Medical College (KMC). The lady in question was a student pursuing her MD in KMC. She had come to collect her identity card. The librarian handed over the card to her after collecting the fees from her. Just when she was about to leave, she decided she wants to see the ID cards of other students. The librarian was puzzled at this request. The lady sensed the librarian’s uneasiness and assured him that she wants to see the other cards just to make sure that all cards of the same quality!!!

The librarian reluctantly handed over the box which contained the ID cards. The lady began scanning all the cards. Most of the cards were of the same quality like the one she had, but she found one which was thicker than the one she had. She picked up that card and asked the librarian why was it thicker than the rest of the cards. The librarian politely replied that it was  an old ID card and the ones previously made were thicker since it was plain  thick paper. But the lady was not satisfied by his answer so much so that she refused to take her card because she wanted a new card which was thicker. The librarian tried explaining her that the one handed over to her was of better quality but she refused to believe him.

By this time, I finished picking up my books. I was waiting for the librarian to enter the book details in his register when the lady and the librarian were having a somewhat heated discussion. When I was standing there I peeked to look at both the ID cards. The ID card which the lady refused to take was indeed of better quality like the librarian said. But the lade choose the non waterproof, tear-able ID card over waterproof, non tear-able one. It is as good as saying the Smart phones available these days are no better than the large antique mobile phones because they aren’t as thick as the antique phones.

I had an urge to pitch in and help the librarian but decided against it thinking the lady might not take it well. The lady still kept arguing that is right and she wanted a replacement when I left the place.

One thing’s for sure. “Common sense is not so common after all”.

13 thoughts on “Common sense not so Common!

  1. Hmmmmmmm well I want to change that line Common sense is not common .. Its worst than that .. there is NO more SENSE in Common Sense .. forget about it being common of no..

    did she get the replacement maybe next day you should have asked the librarian 🙂


  2. KMC? I went to Manipal for my undergrad, so one ear stood up.

    But then she’s from KMC. That’s why she behaved that way 😛 (College rivalry, you see!)


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