Adieu – Vegetarian Fridays!

People in India can be categorized into three categories based on their eating habits.

  1. Vegetarians
  2. Non-vegetarians
  3. Vegetarians on a day (maybe more days) of the week, like the vegetarians on Fridays or vegetarians on Tuesdays and so on!

I have a confession to make, I belong to the third category. I am a vegetarian on Monday and Fridays (actually make that was for Fridays). I am vegetarian on Mondays for a year on the suggestion of a very renowned (read expensive) astrologer. This astrologer makes 20,000 rupees per day (yes you read it right !!) I so want to change my profession.

Anyway back to the topic, I was a vegetarian on Friday till  last week. I turned a vegetarian on Fridays five years ago and it was a personal decision. A lot of times I have been asked by my friends and colleagues why did I turn a vegetarian on Fridays. This really made me wonder  why did I turn a vegetarian. Err… I have another confession to make. The only reason I turned a vegetarian on Fridays was because I thought it was fashionable! There was no way I could say this to my friends and colleagues.  Do not think of me as some kind of a nut case for having thought the way I did. I have a good reason for it.

And the reason is my god-fearing Aunt. My aunt is vegetarian on most of the days of the week that is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (no I am not exaggerating here) Ask her why she is vegetarian on all these days, and  the answer that comes is  these days are her favorite God’s days!  Favorite God’s days, let me explain Monday for Lord Shiva, Tuesday for Lord Vishnu, Friday for Goddess Durga and so on.

Whenever this aunt visited us, she was given a special treatment. The food cooked for her was special and the elders always forbade us from eating  the food cooked for her. “Why don’t you eat your chicken and fish ?” The elders would say. I being me always wanted to eat the food cooked for her. The vegetables on her plate looked drool worthy. It was not long before I realized that it was  a classic case of  ‘Grass is greener at the other side’.  But I still hung on to this commitment  of mine for 5 long years. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the  the non-vegetarian food that I refused to eat on Fridays during the past five years.  I am amazed at how all the dinners, receptions, parties all fell on a Friday. It looked like a conspiracy to me!

Finally I decided to give up my vegetarian Fridays last week after a long association with the vegan Fridays. Now I am only a vegetarian on Mondays. Hopefully soon I shall write a adieu post for Mondays as well.

So which category do you belong to???

19 thoughts on “Adieu – Vegetarian Fridays!

  1. Vegetarians all day & eat eggs occassionaly 🙂
    And yes after reading your posts I was reminded once again that we Indians love to complicate things that are as simple as food!
    God bless us!


  2. Lol. Honestly, I never understood the concept of being vegetarian on particular days. My friends said those days belong to Gods, and I would ask, so other days don’t belong to Gods? And if you think God does not like you eating meat, then why eat it at all? When I ate meat, I ate it irrespective of the day, date, time. Because following the ‘veggie a day, non veggie another day’ pattern seemed very illogical to me.

    But now, I have grown up. I don’t question people’s choices, even if I am not convinced by the logic, or lack of it. I think that is a good way to live. 🙂


  3. I am 100% shudh NON vegetarian..

    I have no clue about particular day vegeterians and there is one more category which is they are vegetarians on particular day but they can have Alcohol.. that is ok

    but to each there own, I eat what i want to when i want to ..


  4. I’m NV when I’m hungry…but for people who want me to be vegetarian (like over here, ppl prefer to rent out houses only to vegetarians), I’m vegetarian…i don’t stick around such ppl at breakfast, lunch & dinner! 😉


    1. This is something that I have never understood. Why not rent their place to non-vegetarians? Does cooking non-veg make the place unholy?

      So you lie to the landlords about your food habits????


      1. Maybe they don’t like the odour/smell that spreads when u cook, especially fish! 🙂 Don’t know the reasons, but mostly here in Chennai they ask for families + vegetarians when they give homes on rent…I dont lie 😛 I just dont eat at home…
        Their restriction is related to “No NV at our home”…and we adhere to that…and my wife too is a vegeterian, which helps their cause! 😛


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