Of the weekend that was!

This post was intended to be published on Monday. But I wasn’t able  to publish it on Monday owing to the heavy work , stupid clients  and laziness 😉

  • I was sipping tea on Saturday morning when dad came in to the living room to announce the arrival of a kitten in the backyard. I quickly kept the cup on the coffee table and ran towards the backyard to meet the visitor. The visitor looked very frightened.  The Florence Nightingale  in me pledged to nurse the kitten. I got a bowl of milk for the kitten.  The poor creature ran away on seeing me. I went after the kitten to fetch it since it was raining outside. Just as I caught the little creature it bit me so hard that I almost threw the kitten.  All this for being a Florence Nightingale. Yes I did visit the doctor to take a TT injection. urgh!
  • Two of my ex-colleagues invited a few of us for a lunch they were hosting (God bless them 🙂 ).  How could I refuse a free lunch and that too at my favorite Chinese restaurant.  When I told my dad I would be out for lunch, he was quick enough to ask me if I was going for a party. Party has now become a forbidden word in Mangalore. When I assured him that it was only a lunch he nodded reluctantly. The lunch was great as expected. When I returned home I saw my dad heaving a sigh of relief. I wonder how many parents would breathe in relief on seeing their children return back home unhurt post the Home Stay episode.
  • As I walked out of the Chinese restaurant, I came face to face with a hoarding crying “SALE SALE”. For the records, I am not a shopaholic.  But what attracted towards the hoarding was not SALE but the letters written in thick font saying “HALF PRICE” sandwiched between SALE. The half price did the trick as I walked to the store as if I was hypnotized. There are times when the not-so-fond-of-shopping girls like me go crazy in a store. Probably it has to do with the vibe in the surroundings.  I indulged in unplanned shopping though I am doubtful if the half price what the store claimed is any true.

I know it is too late for me to ask this. But some wise man/woman once said, ‘Better late than never’.  Er.. what was I planning to ask anyway. Before I forget, How was your weekend?

28 thoughts on “Of the weekend that was!

  1. Weekend its gone .. thrusday today .. i am looking forward to the one that is coming in a day 🙂 he he he

    So you spent hard earned money on the sale 🙂 good goood
    Sad about mangalore, I dont know how much more damage there few people will do , who have brought ill repute to everything …


    1. Yes I know. I must have been asking about the coming weekend!

      Yes I spent money on ‘half price’ sale 🙂

      These things are happening in Mangalore again and again is indeed sad. The govt fears losing out on the Hindu votes if it ever took serious action! And the poor citizens have to endure the petty politics.


    1. I work in Mangalore. I live in the outskirts of Mangalore.

      Lucky yes. I have survived without being beaten up by the goons 🙂

      I did feed the kitten for 2 days. But I didn’t dare picking it up. I haven’t seen it for the past two days though. The sister says it might have fallen sick after biting me 🙂


  2. Better late than never 🙂

    Last weekend we spent admiring the flowers in a flower show

    LOL at the kitten episode 😀

    Hmm..yeah..parents will be a bit apprehensive now…I wish to visit the Mangalore beach someday 🙂

    What are your plans for the coming weekend?


  3. Free lunch…free anything…anytime….Indian mentality zindabad! 😉
    Mangalore yeah, has sadly become an oxymoronic word for Partying!!
    Waiting for the weekend now, with a TGIF to go!! :))


    1. We have huge liking for anything free 🙂
      Youngsters partying in Mangalore is a huge No. But the govt can permit rave parties to promote tourism. Hypocrisy at its best!

      Hope you have a good weekend 🙂 By the way how are you? Have you recovered?


      1. Govt …well…less said the better!!
        yeah, me better…not yet back on the riding-mode…physically better, mentally still recovering!! Taking public transport now….missing the bullock cart days, safest they were!! 😉


  4. Dont blame the kitten; he/she has no idea who Florence Nightingale is !! 😀 😀 😀

    Are the situations that bad for even a lunch ?? Scary !!!

    I have heard so many girls saying that they are not shopaholics. But you all are the same; deep deep deep down inside !!! 😛 😛 😛


    1. LOL @ your kitten arguement 🙂

      People haven’t been beaten up for enjoying lunch. But if a a birthday party can be targeted, people naturally become apprehensive.

      Well I repeat again, I AM NOT A SHOPAHOLIC 😀


  5. Looks like the SALE sign was a blackhole for you – couldn’t resist its grasp, eh? Hehe!

    (Don’t worry, with this explanation it was not your fault that you walked into the store! Brilliant!)


    1. It wasn’t actually the SALE sign. It was the HALF PRICE in bold that dragged me towards the store 🙂

      By the way my dashboard shows that one of the top searched keywords is Karthikay. You are famous eh??


  6. I too am NOT a shopaholic.Though I do get tempted by half the price signboards, but having lived with the world’s greatest miser for many years, I still don’t lose myself completely.

    I hope the bite area has healed by now 🙂

    P.S. – I liked the way you added TT injection as a tag to this post 😀


    1. HALF PRICE is a strategy to lure people.

      Yes the bite has healed now. But no sight of the kitten these days. My sister says it must have fallen sick after biting me 🙂

      Some people googling up for TT injection might curse me if they came here unwillingly 😉


      1. I had thought of writing it earlier too but somehow missed on mentioning this bit.
        Since you mentioned the kitten actually bit you, I’d suggest you have a word with your physician for any animal bite/ scratch needs anti-rabies vaccination as precaution.


        1. I did consult the physician about the anti-rabies vaccination. But he said it would not be necessary since the bite was not deep.

          Thank you so much for mentioning it though 🙂


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