Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage

Love marriage or arranged marriage is a never ending debate. One can speak at length over the pros and cons of love and arranged marriages. I do not like the  idea of stereotyping marriages as love or arranged because there cannot be a marriage without love irrespective of who arranges the marriage. There can only be a love marriage and a loveless marriage.

In love marriage it is individuals first meet, are attracted to each other and gradually fall in love then take the next big step to be man and wife. Here the individuals take the initiative for marriage. Whereas in an arranged it is the elders of the individuals who make the match based on various factors such as religion, caste, social standing, family, horoscope and in some cases dowry too.

One section of people may argue in favor of love marriages. We can give various reasons in extending our support to love marriages such as familiarity, compatibility, mutual understanding, respect for the partner. Some might even go to the extend of saying that if people go married to people belonging to other communities or religions we could slowly eradicate casteism from the country. I honestly believe this could be a solution to get rid of the shackles of caste, creed and religion that is plaguing our country.

Another section of the people may counter argue that love marriages do not last long, it would end as soon as the infatuation may end. They may argue that it is the arranged marriages that stands the test of time since it is alliance made my the well meaning elders. For people belonging to these category it is mostly the inter-religious or the inter-caste marriages that qualify as love marriages.

But honestly it is not the type of marriage that determines the success of a relationship. Marriage takes effort from both the partners to make it work. It is respect, love and compatibility that would stand the test of the time.

This post is my entry to Indiblogger’s Love marriage or Arranged Marriage Contest.

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14 thoughts on “Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage

  1. I agree with you. Ultimately when it comes down to mrrg knowing eachother from pehle se doesn’t make a difference. Adjustments have to be made and both the partners have to woerk on it. It is as simple as that.


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