What’s your goal??


“What is your goal in life?” How many times have you been asked this question? I guess all us have been asked this question in schools, colleges, at job interviews, by teachers, friends, relatives, neighbors, neighbors relatives and many more people. All the time I have been asked this question I have failed miserably to give a convincing answer.

Recently, this dreadful question was thrown at me by my new boss. He asked what is it that you want to achieve in next 10 years. I mean really, who plans for 10 years in advance. Even our government makes plans for 5 years.

The question left me fumbling for a decent answer. I did come up with two answers like I want to own a book store or a library and another one was the classic I want to learn creative writing. He nodded as if I were the future Booker winning author. If he ever read my blog he would realize what shit I write here 🙂

But this made me ponder on this question. What is my goal in life? No, I don’t want to sound like those babas on Astha TV saying “What is the purpose of life on Earth?” Lets not dwell on this now. For now let me just concentrate on just the materialistic goals.

When I was a kid, if somebody asked me what my goal was, I would very promptly say “Doctor”. Almost everyone in my class wanted to be a doctor. The teacher would give us a serene smile, which I then thought was out of appreciation for her students. But now I think the teacher’s look probably translated to “Kids lets see how many of you will come close to being one”. So I wanted to be a doctor for as long as I was blissfully unaware of Biology.

Once I started learning biology, I knew it was time I change my life’s goal. After scratching out doctor from my list I had not much choice but to be an engineer. People born in the late 80’s and early 90’s were destined to be either a doctor or an engineer.

What I am trying to say is I have been a destiny’s child and have happily accepted whatever my destiny bestowed me with. I feel it is quite an adventure to go with the flow of life discovering what life has in store for you. Once a Moral Science teacher said, “A goalless life is like a passenger boarding the bus unaware of his destination“. Is it really bad to not know your destination I always wondered. Isn’t the journey as important as the destination if not more. I think the path you take makes who you are rather than where you are.

I have had many I wish moments. There are a lot of things that I wish I had or I wish I did. I would not consider them all as goals because some are crazy and others are just passing thoughts.

Here are a few “I wish” aspirations I have had recently :

  • I wish I were a TV actor. I recently picked up a magazine in the library which had an article about how much the TV actors are paid. Trust me, my jaw literally dropped on the floor. A white collar-worker’s monthly salary is equivalent or more than what a TV actor is paid per day!!!! (I managed to get the online copy of the magazine)
  • I wish I was a writer or a columnist. You can blame a certain Mr.Bhagat for this. If half of India’s population aspires to be an author it is he who is to be blamed and nobody else 🙂 The astounding success he has achieved as a writer is inspiring 😉
  • I wish I owned a library or a book store. The only reason I want to do this is because the access to various books is very tempting. I guess it would it would be convenient if I worked at a place like this than own one because I might get lost in my books and soon go bankrupt :).
  • I wish I hosted a travel show like the shows on the channel by the King of Good Times and travel all over the place, tasting divine food and staying in exotic locations. Life would be bliss 🙂

    That’s all from my wishlist for now. So what do you wish for or rather what is your goal?

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20 thoughts on “What’s your goal??

  1. Yea…me too…same feelings….one cannot say about tomorrow…10 yrs down the line is a big joke…maybe I’d wish to still have my crop of hair on the head and no white hair 10yrs down…thats all i can think…!! 😉
    And yes, I wanna be a professional photographer…if you ask me career wise!! 🙂


    1. I might not have an answer for what I would be doing the weekend. 10 years afterwards is a something I cannot think of!
      There is hair weaving and hair color so do not worry about it.
      I think you should pursue photography. I have seen a few pictures who clicked on your blog. They were very good. Good Luck 🙂


  2. I have always wished to own a book store but seeing the present condition I don’t think that will be profitable 😉 so a library may be 😀

    May all or atleast some of your wishes come true 🙂

    TV Actor? All that money but do you know their work hours? and most importantly their shelf lives? 😀


    1. Book store was on my list! But I am quite sure I would go bankrupt if I ever started this venture!

      Like I said some wishes are crazy. TV Actor was one such crazy idea. Anyways, I am not looking to play a main lead. I could be a vamp actually or perhaps a supporting vamp 😉


  3. how i wished to be a doctor and became and engineer and how all those 4 wishes are exactly what i want to do…
    and i agree with you on this… “People born in the late 80′s and early 90′s were destined to be either a doctor or an engineer.”


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