Of age and Ganpati’s birthday!

Hello People,

This is your beloved Rebel doing what she best does! Did you ask what? Ranting. What else?? So, please feel free to skip this post if you are in no mood to listen to a rant. (Actually I wrote this because I have seen a lot of people writing this as a warning, do not take the ‘skip this post’ part seriously :P)

Age :Β 

I meet two kinds of people these days. The first kinds are aware of the fact that I have reached the quarter life milestone. The people belonging to this group are members of extended family and family friends. My UNMARRIED status is a cause to their constant worrying. They never let go of a chance to remind me how I am crossing the marriageable age. Well what does ‘marriageable age’ mean will deserve another post.

Then there are the second kind, who mistake my sister who is six years younger than me to be the oldest of the two. I am good two inches taller than my sister, so what if she is 2-3 kgs heavier than me?? These people often ask me “Which School?”Β That is when I want to scream out loud and say its been a decade I passed out of school! Surprisingly I find these people more irritating than the first kind.

Ganpati’s Birthday :

The GanpatiΒ in my vicinity turned as old as me. People celebrated his birthday with so much joy and enthusiasm. They have even built him a new home or was it a guest house. I guess calling it a guest house is more appropriate since he would stay there only for a day or two during his birthday. Somehow his UNMARRIED status didn’t bother them!!! I went to visit Ganpati at his new adobe (guest house), a nosy pandit told me Ganpati is very kind and he grants all our wishes. He also hinted at what I should pray for. No prizes for guessing there he meant Marriage. I thought it would be unfair to ask a bachelor god to grant me marriage wish. So I didn’t wish for it. I am considerate like that πŸ™‚

So, what’s happening with you guys?

22 thoughts on “Of age and Ganpati’s birthday!

  1. Why cant people stay away from personal issues? I know it really irritating when your marital /relationship status bothers others. I live in Gurgaon where Ganapati is not celebrated in a big way like Maharashtra. And Gosh…even the pandit?


    1. People just take it to be their birth right to talk of others personal life. Oh the pandit is just one there are many more people!

      Here in Mangalore Ganapati is just a one day affair. I think the Mumbaikars win hands down in Ganpati celebration πŸ™‚


  2. well don’t worry about those hints methrebel.. for your information the hints never end. once you are married its when is the baby, once you have 1 baby its when is the next one, once you have two your hands will be full and you will be damn tired to even raise your little finger as a response to those hints and what next.. they never end so don’t be bother by them and live life as you want it to be.. hugs and take care


  3. LOL

    I never thought of this perspective – Ganesha is unmarried, but nobody is bothered πŸ˜†

    Some imagination you have girl πŸ˜‰

    The next time someone asks you, put the onus on Ganesha πŸ˜€


    1. I too had not thought about bachelor Ganesha until a few days ago πŸ™‚

      I try to ignore but sometimes its a little too much to take, especially when it comes from any Tom Dick and Harry.


  4. Lord G was like Mahatma G, with 2 ladies around, one each on either side. So he never felt the need to marry one (only, as permissible in Hinduism) and disappoint the other! πŸ˜‰
    Less said about our relatives, the better…at quarter life, they bug you to get married and then once that is achieved, then they ask for the ‘good news’…as if getting married wasn’t good enough…
    And yes, celebrating G in M’lore is 1-2 day affair…but then Sharada idol during Dasera is a 10 day affair celebrated with aplomb!! πŸ™‚


    1. LOL @ Lord G like Mahatma G.

      As if the relatives were not enough there are your neighbors, former cook little sister’s once upon a time teacher with their endless queries!

      Yes Dasara/Navratri is a grand affair here. Here people believe (read fear) Spirit. I think you would be familiar with Bhoota Kola.


  5. LOL. I had a good laugh! Ganpati’s unmarried status doesn’t seem to be a problem. Ask those people to hook him up first.

    My sister is 6 years younger to me too. I know I’d be just as annoyed if people assumed she was the older one. That hasn’t happened though. She looks not more than 13. And people react with shock when they find out she is 20. Now that is what annoys her the most. Ah, people and their reactions.


  6. People consider it a moral right to advise us on what we should do and how we should go about it. Often letting us know that they have seen more winters than us.

    My response (And it works for me, so any ‘accidents’ on trying it out are…..) – You made your own mistakes. So I am going to make mine; and I am going to have a ball of a time doing it.


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