feminismThere have been many why’s that have been lingering in my mind these days. There are some which are quite disturbing to me at least. I am not sure if I will ever find a solution to all these questions. But I will nevertheless write them down here.

  • Why do people think that a girl’s purpose is only to get married and raise kids? It leaves me baffled when all the people who I seek (or am forced) blessings from blesses me with best blessing an unmarried girl may ever get “Get married soon”. Do they think it is all I want from my life?
  • Why do parents always think that they know what is best for their kids? Why do parents not let their kids to open up their wings and let them fly high? I know of somebody who works for a nationalized bank. She dislikes her job and knows that it is not what she wants to do but cannot quit the job because her parents think that would be stupid thing to do.
  • Why is it only the girl who is expected to learn cooking and other household chores? If a girl can study as much as a boy and work in a office like a boy, is it not fair for people to teach their boys the household chores? Yesterday my aunt tells me that I should lend a hand in household chores or else I will find it difficult to “adjust” in my husband’s house (yes that is the ultimate goal of my life) while a male cousin my age is never expected learn any household chores.
  • Why is it not okay for a girl to be held up at work on a really busy day at work while it is okay for a boy to be held up at work? Recently when I went back home later after a hard day’s work I was told(warned) that no good girls from good homes come back home so late. I wonder what is the rule for the good boys from good homes!
  • Why is it a woman has to tag along her husband’s last name after hers,  while there is no such rule for men?
  • Why do women have to sport all the signs of marriage while there are no such symbols for a married man other than his proud paunch?
  • Why do we like our female protagonists/women only in movies and novels and not in real life? Let me explain this, would all those people who gave rave reviews to movies like Barfi and Astistiva not be judgmental if they came across women like Ileana in Barfi or Tabu in Astitva?
  • Why are people living on their own terms taken to be selfish, headstrong and inconsiderate?
  • Why is a sexually liberated man a stud and a sexually liberated woman a slut?

Do let me know if you have to say about this? Your two cents please 🙂

Image courtesy : https://beyond-english.wikispaces.com/Feminism

20 thoughts on “Why???

  1. Why is a girl expected to give respect to her husband while its not true the other way round?
    And many such WHY’s. Do let me know if you find answers, will you?

    Anyways, my first time here and what a way to begin 🙂 Loved the post


  2. //Why are people living on their own terms taken to be selfish, headstrong and inconsiderate?
    That is the whole crux of it. Live by the rules, follow the well beaten path and you will be happy.

    First of all, you should be happy that you have the brains to understand the difference between sheep and humans. That is something people fail to understand all their lives.

    Secondly, stop reacting. Listen to everyone but do as you wish to do. And yes, when required, be firm when someone tries to intrude into your thought process and what you think is Ok by your standards.
    Things are changing. Society is never constant. People always question beliefs which is a very positive sign.
    p.s. I think your post ends abruptly. The last line is not complete.


    1. Thank you Amit 🙂 It feels nice when somebody tell you that is okay for you to do things which are okay by your standards 🙂 Else you start believing things people are constantly telling about you.

      Thanks for pointing out that last line is incomplete. I somehow missed it. Its now corrected 🙂


  3. i ask the same questions to my mom everyday and she tells me to stop thinking about it.. ye purush pradhan desh hai… It’ll take an eternity to change the way people think. Let me know the answers if ever you find them.


  4. There is a small breed of people who are going against the norms ( yes, include me in that) ..lets be glad…not everyone is being submissive 😉

    It helps to have a broad minded family Rebel…people who are willing to let go of age old concepts. I had read about a cobbler’s daughter getting admitted into an IIT – she was brought up in some rural village, but her parents made sure that she is not bound by the village customs.


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