Being Anonymous

I had promised Bhavia that I would come with answers to ‘Why people blog anonymously?’ People have various reasons for why they blog anonymously. While I can’t say why others choose to be anonymous, I can definitely give you reasons why I blog anonymously since I too have an anonymous blog you see 😉 (if you just ignore a few friends, cousins and one boss). For the rest of the world I am anonymous.

The main reason I choose to be anonymous on my blog was because I wasn’t too sure about my writing skills. I still don’t think I write very well and the few blogs of whose I was a silent reader were so good that I felt I wouldn’t be able to even come close to the standards  set by them. Then the fear of criticism kept the start-a-blog plan at bay.

Being anonymous gives me an opportunity to say (write) about things that I would otherwise not dare say. For example I can say things like virginity is not synonymous with your character or say I have the same opinion about Lord Ram as Mr.Jetmalani does. I might not be able to say this when I am admist real people without being judged or raising a few eyebrows.

And then being anonymous helps keep up the curiosity of your readers does it not? You add a mystery element to your blog when you are anonymous. My imagination works overtime when I read blogs of Pepper, ME and R’s Mom. I wonder what their real names are and what they look like 🙂

Anonymous or not is a choice the bloggers make based on their preferences because at the end of the day it is our posts that connect with our readers. I am happy about the fact that I was able to set aside my apprehensions and start a blog anyway. I cannot claim I am a better writer now but I can say is I am a confident writer now 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Being Anonymous

  1. Interesting topic Rebel, and I have tons of thoughts on this issue for obvious reasons 😉
    Thank you dear for mentioning my blog. Though your curiosity about me brought a big smile to my face 😀
    Hugs dear 🙂


  2. ah ha.. I shud have gone anonymous then maybe it would have made you more curious he he he he ..

    no seriously I would have loved to be anonymous, it helps a lot , I am a person who like to say what and how it is , which has landed me in trouble many a times as you have seen, I could have saved all that hassell.. said my piece and not bothered again ..

    It has benefits for sure …


    1. Had you been anonymous you would have definitely made me more curious:)
      And I too feel that if only you had been anonymous, you would possibly not have had the trouble that you get in the form of comments! /*I wonder how you manage to get all those nasty comments */


  3. Excellent reasoning…the very reason I like your blog is coz I don’t know who you are…but I’m building an image by your writing…letter by letter, word by word, sentence by sentence, post by post!! 😀
    I started my blog but then found that I couldnt be myself there thanks to people dropping comments of the likes – “omg, i didnt know you were like this” !! Then i opened an anonymous one…which over a period, I lost a grasp over…so I’m amazed by those who write like they don’t exist…just can call a spade as a spade…pure joy!! 😀


  4. you write well!! 😀
    I started annonymously as well, but friends crossed over from being virtual to real – so, now most people know me but are kind enough to pretend they don’t!! 😉


  5. I started with being anony and was no able to manage so came out with it hehehehe…

    Ultimately it is each to its own and yes the element of mystery is in a way good 🙂


  6. I don’t know if I am an anonymous blogger. I use my real name but the rest of it is pretty much hidden. I don’t like to share my pictures on my blog somehow. It makes me uneasy. I think it is good not to reveal yourself completely on your blog. It is on the net. Anyone can access anything.


    1. When you use your real name the readers wouldn’t feel you are anonymous atleast I think so 🙂

      I too wouldn’t endorse sharing personal pictures on the blog since blog is available to the public!


  7. hey I’m so glad that you took and effort to reason it and write it down.may be because my family is very supportive that I have never thought twice before writing a post.only once I had to put my mom in trouble that people started calling her and advised her to stop me from writing controversial posts.but she was very understanding and supportive that she shrugged it off.


    1. I have read that post of yours.

      Glad to know that your family is supportive! What did your mom say those people who called her up advising you to stop writing so-called controversial posts?


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