Human mind works in mysterious ways. If mind had a gender it would surely be a woman :). There are times when your mind drifts to nothingness and then there are times when you have all random thoughts bombarding your head and there are other times when your mind embarks on a retrospective journey. For the last few days my mind is on retrospective self-analysis mood. What best way to start off your new year with?

It is quite amazing to find how you evolve to be a new person from the person you were before. And it is almost like discovering or re-discovering yourself.ย  The changesย  may be subtle but there will definitely be a change because change is the law of life.

So here are a few discoveries I have made about myself or life in general.

  • Heart is one organ of my body that my head cannot command. If there is a tussle between the head and the heart, then it is always the heart that wins; for heart has a mind of its own which defies all logic and reasoning at times!
  • I have an over-imaginative mind which jumps into most absurd conclusions quite often.
  • I will never accuse anybody of being forgetful because I am very much capable of being a victim of this disorder. I will probably do down as the first person in history of mankind who forgot to cook !!! ๐Ÿ™‚
  • A state of mind that is best avoided is self-pity.ย  Self-pity only makes you feel miserable since it attracts all the negative thoughts. It takes every ounce of positive energy to get out of the self-pitying phase.
  • There are times when I show such maturity, calmness and composure that I surprise myself.ย  These are times I want to pat my back and say I am awesome.ย  There are also a few times when I want to kick my ass if that was possible.

Lesson Learnt this new year : Don’t ever judge anybody!

So how is your New Year faring? Are they are the lessons you learnt or the things you discovered about yourself in the past year? Do share it.

P.S : I apologize for having ignored this space for a while now. I shall be regular here ๐Ÿ™‚ (that’s my new year resolution)

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4 thoughts on “Retrospection!

    1. I need to see how well will I apply these lessons learnt when the situation demands! Hopefully I will learn this art too… *fingers crossed*

      May you have a fantastic new year ๐Ÿ™‚


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