To Rahul..With Love

I have always had a fascination for the  letter R.  Not sure if it was the SRK effect. Since in most of his films SRK had the name Raj, Rahul etc. I had even named my imaginary husband with a name starting with R (yes I had an imaginary husband when I was young. I was quite a weird kid).

I was 9 or maybe 10 when I first heard his name. Almost everybody around me were talking about him. This was enough to pique up my curiosity about him. I was already smitten by his name since his name started with my favorite letter R.  RAHUL….how elegant did it sound. It was only later did I realize there are morons by the same name 😛 (does that ring a bell???). One fine day I did see his picture on the newspaper… only his face was covered with a large hat!!!

A few days later I saw a young boyish looking guy in his blue jersey walk down the stairs towards the middle of the ground. I stood still in front of the TV screen staring at this young man. He looked even better in real than he was in my imagination! That was when I fell in love with Rahul Dravid 🙂

I was no fan of cricket, although my folks from my mother’s side are quite Cricket Crazy. Crazy would probably be an understatement. My maternal grandmother who is over 80 years of age can put any cricket fan to shame with her knowledge of cricket! If I were to be honest I do not know what exactly is a lbw….I cannot differentiate between off-side and on-side (blame this on my disability to distinguish left from right ). But all this did not stop me from following cricket matches for as long as Dravid played for India.

When I was young, I had a scrap-book dedicated to Dravid! It had his pictures, articles/interviews and what not. I fought fiercely all those people who criticized his so-called snail-paced batting. Another reason why I like this man is I know he is an avid reader. (#Confession I find all those men who read charming ) 🙂

My friends from school ask me if I am still a Rahul Dravid fan. “Of course”  I reply. I might no longer be a starstruck teenager but the respect for the man has only multiplied. Throughout his illustrious career spanning over 15 years, this man has remained humble and grounded in spite of the media attention and loads of money unlike the flamboyant cricketers of recent times.

Wonder why I choose to write about Rahul Dravid today? The man who I was crazy about during my growing up years turns 40 today. Happy Birthday Mr. Dravid 🙂


Wait… this day coincides with one more important thing. It was the same day 3 years ago that I started work 🙂 Wonder how the 3 years went by. It has been an enjoyable journey so far learning new things, meeting interesting people some of who became friends, earning your own money, paying off EMI’s 😦 I only wish I earned more money 😛

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22 thoughts on “To Rahul..With Love

  1. To tell you the truth, I have never been interested in cricket. But yes, Dravid was a honest, nice man. I will give him that. 🙂
    So, did you finally get your Rahul or still searching? 😛


    1. Dravid was???? He still is 😉

      I am not looking for Rahul now. I am only looking for a guy 🙂 In fact I had even asked you if you have a brother! I wish I had met you before you found Geet 😀

      Does your wife read the blogs that you follow???


  2. I am a huge cricket fan..for me it was all about 3 men, Sachin,Rahul and Sourav.Now with none of them playing, it doesn’t interest me that much, i do watch it though. I’ll tell you i was fascinated about the name Rahul like you, it all started with Kuch kuch hota hai (though i don’t like Shahrukh), every romantic guy in hindi movies was named Rahul. And i loved this name. I actually did end up with one, though he is everything but romantic!


    1. You too…but I don’t think my liking the name Rahul had anything to do with KKHH. T hated the movie. The only character I liked was Salman Khan’s in spite of the fact that I don’t like him!


  3. A nice man to follow or idolize! As you have stated, he is still a very humble person in spite of all the gains in life… 🙂
    And Congratulations on your milestone…the last line, every single person’s wish! 😉


  4. I too have been a huge SRK fan with no interest in cricket. Though I never found Rahul Dravid attractive until I got married to someone who resembled him closely.
    Congratulations on completing three successful years at work 🙂


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