A wish

She opened her eyes as the sun rays fell on her face. She frisked for her mobile phone under the pillow.  “8.30 already” she exclaimed. She quickly threw her blanket aside ; bowed down to the photograph of her deceased mother that adorned the wall and rushed out of the room.

She quickly fixed breakfast for the father and was ready to office by 9 ‘o clock. Her bus would arrive in 5 minutes. The kitchen was in a mess when she left; the utensils still to be washed were lying on the kitchen platform. “Let me clean this up once I am back from office” she thought.


He was in one of his foul moods in the morning.  He walked into the kitchen to have an early breakfast and start with the work. The man-servant hadn’t shown up for work in the morning. He found his breakfast ready on the table but the state of the kitchen irked him. He threw the used utensils to the sink. “I wish the woman had taken her useless daughter with her while she died” he muttered under his breath in rage.


She was walking towards the bus stop after a hard day’s work.  “I must talk to the team lead to allot another resource to the project”  she thought. The client was setting unreasonable deadlines. “This sure is going to be a tiring day” she told herself remembering the vessels left unwashed. With a million thoughts in her head, she crossed the road. She hadn’t seen the speeding jeep at a little distance away from her. When she did see the jeep a few meters away from her; she froze. The driver was honking fanatically but she was unable to move. The driver tried hard to avoid hitting her but failed. She lay on the road in a pool of blood. People gathered around her.


He was pacing in the hospital corridor while he muttered a prayer for his daughter, for her well-being. He didn’t see the doctor walk out of the operation theater. He saw the doctor when the doctor patted his shoulder. “I am sorry. We tried, but we couldn’t save……” said the doctor. He collapsed on the floor. Tears rolled down his cheeks.

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