How to spend 8 hours in your work place?

The place where I work in has decided to set right a few things; one of which is to make sure that all employees spend the required 8 hours in office. To maintain transparency in the matter every employee’s work-timings for the entire month would be mailed individually at the end of the month. The first month after the said change,  passed like any other month. The feeling of the change was yet to sync in.

Then came a day at the end of the month when the work timings were sent to us. It turned out that on most of the days, my timings were a little short of 8 hours. My timings were something like 7.45 or 7.25 and one day it was 7.59. My project manager called me and politely said  “I do not have any complaints regarding your work…but please see it to it that you spend 8 hours in office“. “Sure. I will take care of it” I replied.  But I am still to contemplate how spending 8 hours at office would ensure productivity. Weird ways of the work places!!!

Anyway I have devised a plan about “how to spend 8 hours in office”. Go ahead and use it…the ideas aren’t copyrighted.

  1. Play Temple-run : Temple run is one of the best inventions of recent times. Play a game to find out how addictive the game is. Of late I have been so addicted to this game that whenever I close my eyes, I find myself maneuvering the narrow lanes escaping the monster as if my life really were in danger. And when you aren’t playing, you can discuss pointers, high scores with people. Seems like the world is crazy about this game.
  2. Write/Read Blog : If you are a blogger, you have an extra option. You can always sit in office and write , read and comment on blogs. Trust me your creativity is at its best when you are at work! You can also browse through the bloggers site and check if there are any shampoos that need to be reviewed 😉 And if you have extra time in hand you also register for some of these contest! And those of who do not blog can read the important news like ‘How Saifeena would spend their first Holi post marriage?’ on various portals.
  3. Gossip : Gossiping is an art. You need to pick the right topic, talk about it so that you don’t bore your target audience! There never is dearth for topics to gossip about. Every work place has characters/people to gossip about….that dumb chick, that incorrigible flirt, that hunk and so on! You there isn’t anything to gossip can discuss the episodes of Pavitra Ristha.

I hope you will find these points helpful :). Do let me know there are any methods that you use to spend 8 hours at your workplace 😉

P.S : Dear Boss, do not panic. All the above methods are directly proportional to my productivity 😀

22 thoughts on “How to spend 8 hours in your work place?

  1. This concept of hours never made sense to me! If we are seeing patients and the like, yes! But in a project, I would worry about the outcome and progressand the process, even if it meant staying for 4 hrs or 10. And ofcourse, the much needed balance.


    1. Ahh…sleeping can also be an option. This didn’t cross my head because I do not sleep during the day!

      Read your post…what a riot!

      Reviewing shampoo is the in-thing now. Once when I was jobless, I registered for it and received a sample. Apparently the said shampoo repairs split-ends. Guess the shampoo has glue which will stick together the split hair 😉


  2. I don’t understand how spending 8 hours adds to productivity, especially in an environment which isn’t product production based. I can imagine, spending 8 hours in a manufacturing factory for pack and picking could be of benefit. I have had a similar experience in one of my previous roles – where people were expected to work long hours, and stay beyond their assigned hours – it was more to impress the management that you are working late then for production. I couldn’t submit to that concept so I ignored this ritual and worked what time I found to be productive, often shorter than my daily hours.


    1. Welcome back Ani 🙂 You were missed. How’s the LHB doing?

      You have work or do not have work you spend 8 hours. I just hope my boss does not take it as a cue and give me more work 😉


  3. Finish you work in 2 hours. Ok 3 if it is too tough. Next five hours divide an hour each for Pinterest, Instagram, blog, R&D for your technology and lastly gossip 😉 😉 😉


  4. Reading blogs is out of the question for me. They are all blocked. I am not allowed to bring camera mobile, so that option is gone too. That leaves me with gossiping which I am quite incapable of. But, yes, I can read books. 🙂


    1. Thankfully blogs are aren’t blocked here! It could be that wordpress is one of the technologies we work on! Thank God for small mercies 😉

      No camera mobile???? But why? Incapable of gossiping???… are such a disappointment…hmmmp

      But if you can read books in office you actually shouldn’t be complaining about anything!


    1. Welcome here Vishal 🙂

      You too read and write blogs in office…*same pinch* 😀

      Like I said in the comment above, 8 hours is probably minimum time an employee is expected to spend in office.


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