Thank you! gently reminded me this morning that it is been a year since I started blogging!

Firstly I am surprised to realize that it has been a year already. That means I am no longer a newbie now 🙂 Secondly I overwhelmed to know that this venture did not turn out to be  like the many initiatives/ideas that I start excitedly but gradually throw it to the dark corners where it collects dust.

I had my doubts when I started this blog….what I will write about, will I ever have readers. Much to my surprise I have found topics to write about and when I ran out of topics I cooked up a few 😉 I was even more surprised when I had readers and followers. The word ‘Followers’ makes me feel like a celebrity 😉

I owe a big ‘Thank You’ to the readers (including the lurkers) who take time out to read/comment on my blog posts,  to the fellow bloggers for sharing their stories and providing me a different perspective. Perhaps if not for you guys, this place would have been long abandoned. This is a small little attempt to discover in the writer in me. Hope you guys stay by me in this journey 🙂


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26 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Happy blog-birthday. I know the feeling and it’s been a pleasure in being part of this blog. Let’s hope with going into the 2nd year with this blog, you continue and increase the momentum. I realised with my blog that it’s grown to become part of me – and I like it.


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