There are times when we are at the receiving end of hurtful questions and insensitive remarks. How do you deal with such questions and with the people who throw them at you?

  1. You take offense and give a fitting reply.
  2. You are shocked beyond words while you fumble like an idiot.
  3. You choose to ignore the question/remark.

Just yesterday, a lady at the bus stop asked me a rather rude question (the details of which I shall not divulge for obvious reasons). I mumbled a monosyllabic answer. The very fact that I answered her and did not lose my head left me quite surprised; because it is so unlike me.  Perhaps the question left me baffled or it is just that I am more prone to be hurt than be angry.

What makes it worse is the fact is the people asking you such questions mostly do not realize that it could be hurtful. To them they are indulging in a polite conversation. A majority of the people do not see the distinction between prying and polite conversation.

Come to think of it  the best way to deal with these people would be to just ignore them. They are just those unfortunate people whose tiny minds cannot comprehend sensitivity.



28 thoughts on “(In)sensitivity

  1. most of the times i choose to ignore. it’s hard, i get angry and want to tell them off, but i ignore because i am not confrontational. but if the same person keeps making similar remarks time and again, i will be sure to ask them to stop, i think.


  2. learning to ignore is the way to keep ourself sane and its the art I am trying to practice too.. **note** not even practicing but trying to practice.. I wish I wish to show incy wincy progress in that.. hugs rebel..


  3. I usually tell people that it is none of their business. I am very rude in that sense. 🙂
    If the person is a close friend or a relative, I try to reason with them and let them know my viewpoint.


  4. I would say that it depends on how much you care about this person. Someone important to you? You should probably spend some energy explaining why you didn’t like it. Bafoons you don’t care about? “Buzz off!”


    1. I have said this on your blog, I will say here too “Welcome back’. Hope you do not go back to your slumber again 🙂

      How I wish I could tell people to ‘buzz off’.


  5. Why did you stop writting. Write whatever you want but don’t be anonymous. By being anonymous you are trying to fool the world around you but in reality it is much wiser than you and your friendship circles.


  6. I know this feeling and I find it hard too to control myself in such situations but of late I’ve become calmer and am managing the “who cares” attitude upon facing such people and their insensitive questions…

    I think it is about we growing up and settling down with the thought that the world out there is like that, like minded people like us, are very few 🙂


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