The story of my photograph!

When half the world’s population is busy changing their profile pictures on Facebook every alternative day, it may come as a surprise  shock to you that I haven’t changed my profile picture for ages! Actually the picture has not been changed since the inception of my Facebook profile. For the inquisitive ones, the profile was created in early 2008!!!!

And when people (read Facebook friends) upload photos of me and tag me in it, most often I shamelessly un-tag myself. And if you are feeling that I am a snob who does not want the world to see my photographs then you are mistaken. Which girl  would not want people to like and put up comments like “Pretty, Lovely, Beautiful” on her pictures?

We girls are genetically programmed to love flattery. What we do not like is not-so-flattering  pictures of ourselves; and if such pictures ever made their way to the social networking sites, you can imagine our depression!

Now coming back to my pictures; you must have already figured by now, the only reason I shy away from uploading my pictures on facebook or any other social networking site is because my pictures are terrible! Finding a decent photograph of mine is like finding water in the desert 🙂 (I know the analogy is a little melodramatic….kindly excuse)

In a comment to Purba’s post on a similar topic when I confessed about my pictures being terrible, she said ‘No photograph can do justice to our beauty’.  Oh…how much I love her for saying that. If truth be told, I very much agree with her 😉

But then there are another set of people who are born to be photographed. They know how to pose, turn their head in the right angle and smile when being clicked. If you belong to this category then you have all my respect and admiration. I secretly envy these people 🙂

I am hoping there will come a day when I too look er….. stunning in photographs! I hope there will be a day when my profile picture will get more likes than the number of friends in my friend list 😉


PS : Those of you who also feel that your pictures don’t do justice to your personality can read this. You can thank me later 😀

PS : I apologize for my absence from the blogging scene. I shall try to be more regular here.


15 thoughts on “The story of my photograph!

  1. I so so hate being photographed!!
    No matter what I do, I end up looking fatter than what I am or just weird…
    And then I have friends who look oh-so-awesome.. and I so so hate when they post pics online…


  2. With the advent of smart phones with cameras, I see women posing everywhere from malls to cinemas to parks. I hear some girls change their pics every day. Crazy it is.


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