We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. -Walt Disney

A major change has taken place in my life. I have shifted base to Bangalore.

When I landed in Bangalore I was welcomed by chilly wind.  I thought I could brave the Bangalore winter but clearly that was not to be.  The change in weather made me ill 😦 After a few days rest, I ventured into the streets of Bangalore.

  • The first thing you will notice here is the traffic moving at snail pace. Then you see people  moving purposefully hoping to reach their destination as soon as possible.
  • There are posters/placards of Rahul Dravid urging you to follow traffic rules on most of the roads/circles all over the city. I hope I bump into the man in real someday 😉
  • One major contradiction I found between Mangalore and Bangalore is the way people talk.  People in Mangalore are generally soft  (/slow) spoken whereas people here mean business.
  • It is quite a fun to travel in the government transport buses. If you are lucky you will witness interesting conversation (read arguments) exchanged between co-passengers, passenger and conductor  etc. :). Mind you this can be fun as long as you aren’t involved in the conversation.
  • The city being the capital of the state is the home to many of our beloved ministers. The traffic comes to a standstill when the ministers in their official cars with red beacon take a tour of the city.
  • If you are new to the city and somebody addresses you as maccha, don’t be flustered;  it means  ‘Dude’. The synonym of dude here is Maccha!
  • The auto drivers here are huge fans of late actor Shankar Nag. You can picture of the actor behind almost every other auto rickshaw.

I am gradually settling down in the new city and my new job. How have you guys been?

PS : It’s been a while since I last updated this place; a few of you even asked if all was okay…..Thank you very much for your concern, I really appreciate it.

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