The long line of patients waiting outside the clinic made him realize that it’s going to be a very long day. “Perhaps I should call home and inform that I would be late for lunch” he thought as he entered his cabin. His assistant greeted him with a warm smile. “Tara, send the first patient in a couple of minutes” he instructed her.

A couple of hours had passed since he examined the first patient. But there was still a long queue of patients waiting for their turn. He was writing the prescription for the patient seated across the table when his cellphone beeped. He absent mindedly picked up the phone to check the message. The message was from his former assistant. The message read “To you my love” and picture of his former assistant blowing a kiss. He stared at the screen in awe. He raked his brain to comprehend the message. He sent his patient packing in a hurry.

He then began thinking to himself if his former assistant loved him secretly. He remembered her to be a jovial girl with a permanent smile plastered on her face. He had known of young girls falling for older men but never in his wildest dreams thought a young girl half his age would fall for him. He walked towards the mirror at the far end of his cabin and started admiring himself. He was mightily pleased with himself. “You don’t look bad for a 45 year old” he told his reflection.

At the other part of the city, Taani was cursing herself when she realised her folly. She had just sent the message meant for her fiancee to her former boss. “I owe the man an apology” she told herself.


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