She sat on her rocking chair randomly changing channels on the remote. Her mind was not at peace today. The expensive wristwatch that her roommate received for her birthday had triggered several racing thoughts in her head.

Receiving gifts was a concept nonexistent in her life. She was a giver. She always gave gifts to her family on their birthdays. But never received any from them. And as for friends, she had very few friends whom she gifted on occasions like weddings. The friends couldn’t return the favor as she was still unmarried! Though she never expected any from anyone, receiving one or two would ne nice she thought sadly.

“Perhaps this is how life is…..The giver keeps giving and the better keeps getting….so Unfair” she thought to herself.

With these thoughts in her head she looked around her home. She saw the comfortable queen size bed in the room, she saw the the large television set mounted on the wall, the refrigerator, the air conditioner and all the other amenities. Her home had most amenities that an average home in the country wouldn’t have.

Was life really unfair?! “No….” she said aloud.

Life is a gift!! Much larger than anyone ever could give!


One thought on “Gift!

  1. Very true.. I feel that blessed are the ones who have the capability and the heart to give to others..

    Life can be unfair depending how one looks at it.. otherwise we all get what we are destined to..


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