Book review – Unorthodox leadership and animalism

I don’t generally read non fiction. But I am glad that I read this one.

Unorthodox leadership and animalism by Amit D’souza is most definitely one of the unique books that I have read. This book is collection of the author’s experiences in the corporate.

The author takes us through his journey in the corporate for a decade. He gives us examples of the problems faced and unorthodox but very effective solutions the leadership followed to overcome the issue.

The book has quotes from leaders the author has worked with at the end of each chapter.

But the most interesting aspect of the book is its reference to the animal behavior/instincts with respect to leadership.

The book is a handbook for leaders and leaders to be. It is an easy read with just about 100 pages. The language of the book is very conversational since the author intended it to be so ad mentioned in the author’s note. The author’s observation about animals is spot on.

This is the author’s first book. Wish him all the success yo his future books.

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A thousand splendid suns – Book review



Mariam and Laila are two decades apart in their age. They are as different as chalk and cheese but yet their lives entangle in an unimaginable way.

Mariam born a harami (illegitimate) is brought up by her mother where they stay in a kolba up in the hills from the city of Herat. After her mother’s death her father Jalil an affluent man in the city arranges for her marriage with a man named Rasheed who is a widower and 30 years her senior. After her marriage to Rasheed, Mariam moves to far off Kabul, where Rasheed is a shoemaker. Mariam feels betrayed by her father’s behavior towards her and vows never to see him again.

Laila who grows up in Mariam’s neighborhood in Kabul is a bright and a pretty girl. She is the apple of her father’s eye. Her father a school teacher, before the Soviet invasion in Afganistan believes in equality among boys and girls. He encourages Laila to study. Her friends too believe that Laila would go on to be somebody important while they will be soon married and have children. But her life turns upside down, when the love of her life Tariq leaves Afganistan with his family to Pakistan on the outbreak of war. Soon afterwards when her family is about to leave Kabul, a rocket shatters her home killing her parents.

Laila now an orphan is taken in by Rasheed and Mariam. She later agrees to Rasheed’s proposal to marry him. Rasheed now over 60 and Laila barely 15.

Go grab the book to find out what life has in store for Mariam and Laila.  This is one book I am sure you won’t regret picking up.

This is a story of love, betrayal, courage, sacrifice but more importantly of hope. A hope  of a better tomorrow. This could be a hard-hitting at times. But let me assure you this book has a happy ending. It ends with a hope.

I liked the prose and the metaphors used in the book. Talking about the metaphors, I can’t stop myself from writing my favorite line from the book

“Like a needle of the compass always points north, a man’s accusing finger always finds a woman”

I have been a fan of Khaled Hosseni ever since I read Kiterunner. He doesn’t disappoint with this one.

Ratings : 4.5/5



A book review – Zoya Factor

Zoya Singh Solanki is a junior level executive at one of India’s largest advertising firm.  She is sent to Dhaka on an assignment for a major client Zing! Cola with the Indian Cricket Team, much to her displeasure since she has an aversion to cricket. However she reluctantly agrees  to shoot with the Indian cricket team who are on a losing spree.

Zoya hopes to get done with the shoot as soon as possible but as luck would have it,  Zoya’s trip is extended by a few more days  since the dashing young skipper-with-a-cute-butt Nikhil Khoda drags his boys out of the shoot citing practice with 45 minutes of the shoot still pending.

Zoya then spends next few days trying to convince the players and their agents to complete the Cola shoot. The players soon discover that Zoya is their lucky charm and they win matches on days they have breakfast with her. Her luckiness is  attributed to the fact that she was born the very moment Kapil Dev and his men lifted the World Cup in 1983. However the skipper does not buy this theory since he does not believe in luck.

Zoya leaves Dhaka after the shoot and a fall out with the skipper Khoda. The cricket team ends its challenge in the series after they lose to Bermuda in Zoya’s absence. Zoya’s luckiness soon grabs  the attention of the big bosses in the Indian Cricket Board.  The chairman of the board proposes to sponsor Zoya  a fully paid to Australia to accompany the India Cricket team during the World Cup.

What happens next is a roller coaster ride. Will the Zoya factor accompany the Indian Cricket team and help them win the World Cup?  Will Zoya attain the status of a celebrity?

To find out go grab the book 🙂

Verdict  Time :

This is a chick lit. If you aren’t into Chick Lits, don’t bother reading this. For the rest of you guys, it is a fun read written in Hinglish.  It is fast paced has its moments 🙂

Anuja Chauhan does a good job at sketching the advertising agency, its  clients, and the celebrities endorsing the products. Perhaps her experience in the ad world came in handy. I liked the way the Zoya’s character is written. And I am already in love with Nikhil Khoda.

Highly recommended on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Rating : 3.5/5

Now off I go hoping to run into Virat Kohli since Dhoni is already taken.

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A book review – Kane and Abel

Kane and Abel (Kane and Abel, #1)Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Kane and Abel is a tale of two men William Kane and Abel Rosnovski (born as Wladek Koskiewicz). The story revolves around these two men from their birth to death.

What the two men have in common apart from the fact that they are born on the same day is ambition, courage and their hatred for each other!

Kane born to a millionaire banker in Boston has a comparatively easy childhood and like his father is Harvard educated and goes to work in the bank founded by his family and later becomes the chairman of one of the largest banks in the world.

Abel on the other hand is an illegitimate son of a Baron and raised by a trapper in Poland. During the World War 1, Abel is captured by the Russians but manages to escape and finally sails to America where he starts from the scratch later to become the owner of one of the largest hotel groups in the world.

Both the men encounter each other on various occasions but what grows with their stature is their hatred for each other!

The author has done a commendable job writing accounts of each character’s life. He has also put the historical events such as the World Wars and the Great Depression very much a part of the story. These events play a pivotal role in the protagonists lives.

Read it to find out more about Kane and Abel.

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