Key to happiness!

What is the key to happiness?  This is a question I keep asking myself quite often. At different times I come up with different answers. Sometimes I think being content is the key; some other time I think it is to count your blessings. While both are true, there is one more thing that could […]

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Happy 93rd Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the Man who loved me unconditionally in spite of all my flaws who was my first teacher, friend and confidant who was the best story-teller ever who departed this world to a better world on a Sunday morning last October who is always missed but continues to remain in a little corner of […]

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We might not agree on a lot of things. You disapprove of many things that I do. Yet You do not force your thoughts on me You do not clip my wings Instead You let me fly You let me follow my heart You let me make mistakes and learn from them So I cannot […]

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The tale of a two sisters!

When I came into this world my parents like all new parents, were super excited with my arrival. Their world revolved around me. My demands/wishes were their priority. My over excited parents saw in me the fulfiller of their unaccomplished dreams. My father began proclaiming “When my daughter grows up she would make us proud”. My head would swell […]

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