She sat on her rocking chair randomly changing channels on the remote. Her mind was not at peace today. The expensive wristwatch that her roommate received for her birthday had triggered several racing thoughts in her head.

Receiving gifts was a concept nonexistent in her life. She was a giver. She always gave gifts to her family on their birthdays. But never received any from them. And as for friends, she had very few friends whom she gifted on occasions like weddings. The friends couldn’t return the favor as she was still unmarried! Though she never expected any from anyone, receiving one or two would ne nice she thought sadly.

“Perhaps this is how life is…..The giver keeps giving and the better keeps getting….so Unfair” she thought to herself.

With these thoughts in her head she looked around her home. She saw the comfortable queen size bed in the room, she saw the the large television set mounted on the wall, the refrigerator, the air conditioner and all the other amenities. Her home had most amenities that an average home in the country wouldn’t have.

Was life really unfair?! “No….” she said aloud.

Life is a gift!! Much larger than anyone ever could give!



The long line of patients waiting outside the clinic made him realize that it’s going to be a very long day. “Perhaps I should call home and inform that I would be late for lunch” he thought as he entered his cabin. His assistant greeted him with a warm smile. “Tara, send the first patient in a couple of minutes” he instructed her.

A couple of hours had passed since he examined the first patient. But there was still a long queue of patients waiting for their turn. He was writing the prescription for the patient seated across the table when his cellphone beeped. He absent mindedly picked up the phone to check the message. The message was from his former assistant. The message read “To you my love” and picture of his former assistant blowing a kiss. He stared at the screen in awe. He raked his brain to comprehend the message. He sent his patient packing in a hurry.

He then began thinking to himself if his former assistant loved him secretly. He remembered her to be a jovial girl with a permanent smile plastered on her face. He had known of young girls falling for older men but never in his wildest dreams thought a young girl half his age would fall for him. He walked towards the mirror at the far end of his cabin and started admiring himself. He was mightily pleased with himself. “You don’t look bad for a 45 year old” he told his reflection.

At the other part of the city, Taani was cursing herself when she realised her folly. She had just sent the message meant for her fiancee to her former boss. “I owe the man an apology” she told herself.

The story of an online stalker!

She was a dreamy girl in her late teens living on a staple diet of Mills and Boon and Bollywood rom-com movies. She secretly hoped one day she would bump into the boy and then she would know he is the one. “Grow up and stop reading that many chick-lits” her best friend told her half-amused half-irritated with her. But no sensible advice ever found their way to her romance-obsessed head.

One Saturday afternoon she walked out of the hostel gates to go to the city. She was walking purposefully towards the bus stop. She looked up to see the motorbike entering the college gate. Then she saw the guy on the bike who held the bike’s handle in one hand and the other hand gently brushed his hair. The glass perched on his nose gave him an intelligent look. She stood still staring at him in awe. Their eyes met for a second before he whizzed past her. For her this felt like divine intervention. God was helping her find the love of her life and there was no way this could miss this cue.

Monday morning she walked on the college corridors scanning every nook and corner of the college hoping to spot him. But luck evaded her. Crestfallen she walked up the stairs towards her department. In the department she found a group of people looking at the notice board. “Perhaps checking their internal averages”  she thought. Just as she was about to walk to her class, she spotted him standing in front of the notice board talking animatedly to a friend.

“Who is that guy in red t-shirt?” she asked her friend as a matter of factly. “Somebody from the final year” her friend replied in a disinterested tone. “If he is in the final year, he is probably only here for another month or so” she thought. She cursed her luck for not   ever noticing him before. Nevertheless she made a few inquiries here and there to find more information about him. By the end of two days from the day she had noticed him she found out his name, place, birthday and even the University Seat Number!

The remaining few days of the semester went in a blink when people opened their almost forgotten books which had collected dust throughout the semester. She also found herself trying to study and grumbling most of the time since very little in the syllabus made sense to her. Her pursuit for him took a back seat for the time being.


It had been a week since the new semester started. She has already begun sulking. There was no way she could introduce herself to him now that he had passed out of college. The only good thing about the semester was the hostels had Wi-Fi connection. The internet became  her best friend in times of distress. The internet provided solace to her mind and soul.

One day during her browsing session, she logged into the then reigning social networking site She read messages on her scrapbook, replied to a few and visited a few friends profiles. A certain profile catches her eye, the name rings the bell. Without second thought, she clicked on the name. She waited with bated breath as the page loaded hoping that it is the profile of the person who she thought it is! She squeals in delight when it turned out to be ‘his’ profile. She thoroughly reads through his profile absorbing all the information it has to offer. His favorite music, movies, communities et al.

After stalking him online for several months, she musters the courage to drop him a message on his scrapbook. She impatiently waited for the reply to come.  After days of no reply, just when she has given up hope, he replies. Gradually messages go back and forth for a few days. She is on cloud nine since this development. It has turned out to be better than she had planned. 


But not all goes as she thought it would. The frequency of the messages going back and forth decreases drastically with time. Days pass to months and months to years but the status relationship remains unchanged. A mere acquaintance is what they are. He is a workaholic or just disinterested she thinks bitterly. Perhaps  this is for the best she tells herself.


Years passed. Now they no longer use the has now taken its place. They like/comment on each other’s statuses and photos. They are friends on facebook and acquaintances in reality.

One day his facebook profile announces that he is engaged. “Congratulations”  she writes on his wall.

A wish

She opened her eyes as the sun rays fell on her face. She frisked for her mobile phone under the pillow.  “8.30 already” she exclaimed. She quickly threw her blanket aside ; bowed down to the photograph of her deceased mother that adorned the wall and rushed out of the room.

She quickly fixed breakfast for the father and was ready to office by 9 ‘o clock. Her bus would arrive in 5 minutes. The kitchen was in a mess when she left; the utensils still to be washed were lying on the kitchen platform. “Let me clean this up once I am back from office” she thought.


He was in one of his foul moods in the morning.  He walked into the kitchen to have an early breakfast and start with the work. The man-servant hadn’t shown up for work in the morning. He found his breakfast ready on the table but the state of the kitchen irked him. He threw the used utensils to the sink. “I wish the woman had taken her useless daughter with her while she died” he muttered under his breath in rage.


She was walking towards the bus stop after a hard day’s work.  “I must talk to the team lead to allot another resource to the project”  she thought. The client was setting unreasonable deadlines. “This sure is going to be a tiring day” she told herself remembering the vessels left unwashed. With a million thoughts in her head, she crossed the road. She hadn’t seen the speeding jeep at a little distance away from her. When she did see the jeep a few meters away from her; she froze. The driver was honking fanatically but she was unable to move. The driver tried hard to avoid hitting her but failed. She lay on the road in a pool of blood. People gathered around her.


He was pacing in the hospital corridor while he muttered a prayer for his daughter, for her well-being. He didn’t see the doctor walk out of the operation theater. He saw the doctor when the doctor patted his shoulder. “I am sorry. We tried, but we couldn’t save……” said the doctor. He collapsed on the floor. Tears rolled down his cheeks.


Her heart skipped a beat when she saw him. He looked like a prince in the fairy tales that she read as a kid, just that he came in a shiny black car instead of a galloping horse.

He winked at her as he passed her and made his way towards the center stage. She smiled at him. He looked happy…more happy than she had ever known him to be and why would he not be happy, he was about to get married to the woman he loved.

After the prayer and addressing the gathering, the priest asked him “Do you take this wonderful lady to be your lawfully wedded wife”. “I do”  he replied with conviction.

She sat in the first row witnessing the proceedings. A silent tear rolled down her cheek. She quietly wiped the tears before anybody saw it. Was it a tear of joy or sadness, nobody could tell.