The Other Woman

I called her a homebreaker until I saw her broken heart. I called her cruel until I saw her kindness. I called her a manipulator until I realised she was a victim of circumstance. I called her heartless until I saw her bruised soul. I called her a thief until I saw the things she […]

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She sat on her rocking chair randomly changing channels on the remote. Her mind was not at peace today. The expensive wristwatch that her roommate received for her birthday had triggered several racing thoughts in her head. Receiving gifts was a concept nonexistent in her life. She was a giver. She always gave gifts to […]

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The long line of patients waiting outside the clinic made him realize that it’s going to be a very long day. “Perhaps I should call home and inform that I would be late for lunch” he thought as he entered his cabin. His assistant greeted him with a warm smile. “Tara, send the first patient […]

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The story of an online stalker!

She was a dreamy girl in her late teens living on a staple diet of Mills and Boon and Bollywood rom-com movies. She secretly hoped one day she would bump into the boy and then she would know he is the one. “Grow up and stop reading that many chick-lits” her best friend told her half-amused […]

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A wish

She opened her eyes as the sun rays fell on her face. She frisked for her mobile phone under the pillow.  “8.30 already” she exclaimed. She quickly threw her blanket aside ; bowed down to the photograph of her deceased mother that adorned the wall and rushed out of the room. She quickly fixed breakfast […]

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Her heart skipped a beat when she saw him. He looked like a prince in the fairy tales that she read as a kid, just that he came in a shiny black car instead of a galloping horse. He winked at her as he passed her and made his way towards the center stage. She […]

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An unfulfilled dream!

As the sun was setting in the west and the birds were flying back to their nests, the old lady rose from her bed since it was considered inauspicious to be sleeping at dusk. The old lady was in her mid 80’s. Her vision failed her now and she could barely walk a few steps. Her once straight […]

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