Key to happiness!

What is the key to happiness?  This is a question I keep asking myself quite often. At different times I come up with different answers. Sometimes I think being content is the key; some other time I think it is to count your blessings. While both are true, there is one more thing that could stand between you and your happiness….that is Expectation.

We have expectations from people close to us; our parents, siblings, partner, friends and even collegues. We have expectations from ourselves. Our expectations are sometimes realistic sometimes not so realistic.  There is a fine line between being realistic and unrealistic. Not many of us understand it.

All of us do expect something or the other from our loved ones. We believe we are entitled to expect from our dear ones. Parents expect their children to look after them in their old age, they expect their children to marry someone of their choice. Wife expects the husband to take her out every weekend, to take her out on exotic vacations and so on. Irrespective of either big or small relationships come with expectations.

If our loved ones live up to our expectations we are all happy. But what if they don’t? What if they are burdened by our expectations? Do we blame them for the fact that they are unable to live up to the expectations that we have set for them (or ourselves)? Should we be miserable about not meeting expectations or do we have a way out?

I think the ideal thing for us to do is remove expectations out of the equation. Let the people dear to us be loved for who they are and not for what they can give.

“There were two ways to be happy: improve your reality, or lower your expectations” ― Jodi PicoultNineteen Minutes


How to spend 8 hours in your work place?

The place where I work in has decided to set right a few things; one of which is to make sure that all employees spend the required 8 hours in office. To maintain transparency in the matter every employee’s work-timings for the entire month would be mailed individually at the end of the month. The first month after the said change,  passed like any other month. The feeling of the change was yet to sync in.

Then came a day at the end of the month when the work timings were sent to us. It turned out that on most of the days, my timings were a little short of 8 hours. My timings were something like 7.45 or 7.25 and one day it was 7.59. My project manager called me and politely said  “I do not have any complaints regarding your work…but please see it to it that you spend 8 hours in office“. “Sure. I will take care of it” I replied.  But I am still to contemplate how spending 8 hours at office would ensure productivity. Weird ways of the work places!!!

Anyway I have devised a plan about “how to spend 8 hours in office”. Go ahead and use it…the ideas aren’t copyrighted.

  1. Play Temple-run : Temple run is one of the best inventions of recent times. Play a game to find out how addictive the game is. Of late I have been so addicted to this game that whenever I close my eyes, I find myself maneuvering the narrow lanes escaping the monster as if my life really were in danger. And when you aren’t playing, you can discuss pointers, high scores with people. Seems like the world is crazy about this game.
  2. Write/Read Blog : If you are a blogger, you have an extra option. You can always sit in office and write , read and comment on blogs. Trust me your creativity is at its best when you are at work! You can also browse through the bloggers site and check if there are any shampoos that need to be reviewed 😉 And if you have extra time in hand you also register for some of these contest! And those of who do not blog can read the important news like ‘How Saifeena would spend their first Holi post marriage?’ on various portals.
  3. Gossip : Gossiping is an art. You need to pick the right topic, talk about it so that you don’t bore your target audience! There never is dearth for topics to gossip about. Every work place has characters/people to gossip about….that dumb chick, that incorrigible flirt, that hunk and so on! You there isn’t anything to gossip can discuss the episodes of Pavitra Ristha.

I hope you will find these points helpful :). Do let me know there are any methods that you use to spend 8 hours at your workplace 😉

P.S : Dear Boss, do not panic. All the above methods are directly proportional to my productivity 😀

Of age and Ganpati’s birthday!

Hello People,

This is your beloved Rebel doing what she best does! Did you ask what? Ranting. What else?? So, please feel free to skip this post if you are in no mood to listen to a rant. (Actually I wrote this because I have seen a lot of people writing this as a warning, do not take the ‘skip this post’ part seriously :P)

Age : 

I meet two kinds of people these days. The first kinds are aware of the fact that I have reached the quarter life milestone. The people belonging to this group are members of extended family and family friends. My UNMARRIED status is a cause to their constant worrying. They never let go of a chance to remind me how I am crossing the marriageable age. Well what does ‘marriageable age’ mean will deserve another post.

Then there are the second kind, who mistake my sister who is six years younger than me to be the oldest of the two. I am good two inches taller than my sister, so what if she is 2-3 kgs heavier than me?? These people often ask me “Which School?” That is when I want to scream out loud and say its been a decade I passed out of school! Surprisingly I find these people more irritating than the first kind.

Ganpati’s Birthday :

The Ganpati in my vicinity turned as old as me. People celebrated his birthday with so much joy and enthusiasm. They have even built him a new home or was it a guest house. I guess calling it a guest house is more appropriate since he would stay there only for a day or two during his birthday. Somehow his UNMARRIED status didn’t bother them!!! I went to visit Ganpati at his new adobe (guest house), a nosy pandit told me Ganpati is very kind and he grants all our wishes. He also hinted at what I should pray for. No prizes for guessing there he meant Marriage. I thought it would be unfair to ask a bachelor god to grant me marriage wish. So I didn’t wish for it. I am considerate like that 🙂

So, what’s happening with you guys?

How to annoy me???

No don’t be under the impression that this post is a manual on “How to annoy me?”  People manage to do it quite well without the manual 😛

I am sure we all at some point or the other have faced annoying questions from people (mostly relatives) and how you wish you could just give it back to them on their face. But you never get the chance since you are to be in the best of your behavior. Ah the social demands to behave well with relatives!!

Here are the questions (some asked with genuine interest/concern, but still they piss me off) asked which annoys me and how I wish I could give them the answers mentioned below.

1) Why have you lost so much weight?

A : I have been offered a role in the latest Yashraj Film. The producers want me to have  a size zero figure. Now if I have to give Kareena a run for her money, this figure is necessary you know!

2)Why are you still working here in Mangalore? Why don’t you look for a job in Bangalore?

A: Well, it is my dream to join the Sri Rama Sena. I am very influenced by the work that they do. Unfortunately I wasn’t part of their last famous campaign when they raided the pubs and beat up people there. I am hoping they would let me know this time and I get a chance to do my bit to the society 😉

3)You have been working for a while now, how much have you saved up? 

A: I don’t want to sound pompous but I have saved up enough to buy the Taj Mahal. Do you think the government would be interested in selling?

4)How much do you earn every month Maga (meaning child in Tulu)? 

A: I earn a  little lesser than Mukesh Ambani. But I have already given hints to the company that if they don’t hike my salary next appraisal, they can as well take a hike 😉

5)Why aren’t you getting married? We found a very good match for you last time (read about it here) but you rejected it. Why?

A: I have realized that life is an illusion. Nothing here is permanent. What comes has to go. So is it with relationships. So I have decided to remain a spinster. Perhaps I could join an ashram sometime later.

6)You do not seem very keen on getting married. Do you have a boyfriend?

A: Oh Yes aunty. How did you read my mind? Can you please persuade Papa to get me married to him? Only problem is that he is a Muslim. (no offence to Muslims, but it is enough to give a minor nah major heart attack to my family)