The long line of patients waiting outside the clinic made him realize that it’s going to be a very long day. “Perhaps I should call home and inform that I would be late for lunch” he thought as he entered his cabin. His assistant greeted him with a warm smile. “Tara, send the first patient […]

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Introducing a Bunt!

I was in 3rd standard when I moved to Mysore. The teacher introduced me to the class while I stood next to the her nervously fidgeting with my water can which hung around my neck. The class observed me curiously. The teacher ushered me to my seat after a short introduction. I smiled at the […]

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When I met HIM!

I must have fallen asleep while reading. I was still holding on to the book I was reading. The clock on the wall told me that it was 2 am. I must have slept for over an hour now. I placed a bookmark and pushed the book under the pillow. As I turned side wards […]

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Of the weekend that was!

This post was intended to be published on Monday. But I wasn’t able  to publish it on Monday owing to the heavy work , stupid clients  and laziness 😉 I was sipping tea on Saturday morning when dad came in to the living room to announce the arrival of a kitten in the backyard. I […]

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The Blunder Maker

Have you ever made blunders? If yes congratulations you have a company. If  no, too bad 😦 I have been labelled a “Blunder Maker” by my family and I have ever since worked really hard to do justice to the title bestowed upon me. I must add this isn’t an easy task considering the fact that you […]

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Matrimonial Meeting

Arranging marriages is a favorite pastime of people in India. When the girl/boy attain a marriageable age the hunt for potential groom/bride begins in full swing. All known/unknown relatives are informed about the availability of the girl/boy. Horoscopes and the photographs are passed on to all the acquaintances and several rounds of visit to the astrologer is […]

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