Her 10 year challenge

The internet started a trend Called it the ten year challenge She wasn’t one for following trends But the decade gone by made her ponder Memories came rushing Of graduation Of mounting student loan Of job hunt, of rejections at interviews Of ways of society, when broke Of little rebellion Of financial independence Of falling […]

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For some it is a place For some it is a feeling For some a state of mind For some it is a comfort zone For some it is an idea For some it is an elusive mirage But for me it is where your soul is!

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All of me…

Through sickness, Through happiness, Through anger, Through sadness, Through life’s all of mundane nothings, All of me shall love all of you!

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I promise to love you forever I promise to pray for your happiness I promise to let you be yourself I promise to pray for your good health I promise to believe in you I promise to stand by you I promise to walk by your side I promise to let you go when you […]

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The Other Woman

I called her a homebreaker until I saw her broken heart. I called her cruel until I saw her kindness. I called her a manipulator until I realised she was a victim of circumstance. I called her heartless until I saw her bruised soul. I called her a thief until I saw the things she […]

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