Why do I love you?

Why do I miss you?

Why do I cry with you?

Why do I smile with you?

Why do I long to see you when you aren’t around?

Why do I wish to vanish off the face of earth when I hurt you?

I ask myself often


Every time I fail to find a logical answer

Perhaps the matters of the heart are beyond our comprehension

I know our paths have intersected never to separate again


You are my soul mate




There are times when we are at the receiving end of hurtful questions and insensitive remarks. How do you deal with such questions and with the people who throw them at you?

  1. You take offense and give a fitting reply.
  2. You are shocked beyond words while you fumble like an idiot.
  3. You choose to ignore the question/remark.

Just yesterday, a lady at the bus stop asked me a rather rude question (the details of which I shall not divulge for obvious reasons). I mumbled a monosyllabic answer. The very fact that I answered her and did not lose my head left me quite surprised; because it is so unlike me.  Perhaps the question left me baffled or it is just that I am more prone to be hurt than be angry.

What makes it worse is the fact is the people asking you such questions mostly do not realize that it could be hurtful. To them they are indulging in a polite conversation. A majority of the people do not see the distinction between prying and polite conversation.

Come to think of it  the best way to deal with these people would be to just ignore them. They are just those unfortunate people whose tiny minds cannot comprehend sensitivity.