Why do I love you?

Why do I miss you?

Why do I cry with you?

Why do I smile with you?

Why do I long to see you when you aren’t around?

Why do I wish to vanish off the face of earth when I hurt you?

I ask myself often


Every time I fail to find a logical answer

Perhaps the matters of the heart are beyond our comprehension

I know our paths have intersected never to separate again


You are my soul mate



I know!

When thoughts of self-doubt engulf me

I wonder

if I made the right choice

if we are right for each other

if I will ever be at peace

But then

When I see your smiling face

When I feel the warmth of your embrace

When I feel the gentle kiss on my forehead

I know

I made the right choice

We are perfect for each other

and I have never been so much at peace

Happy 93rd Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the Man

who loved me unconditionally in spite of all my flaws

who was my first teacher, friend and confidant

who was the best story-teller ever

who departed this world to a better world on a Sunday morning last October

who is always missed but continues to remain in a little corner of my heart

Happy 93rd Birthday Ajja.





Her heart skipped a beat when she saw him. He looked like a prince in the fairy tales that she read as a kid, just that he came in a shiny black car instead of a galloping horse.

He winked at her as he passed her and made his way towards the center stage. She smiled at him. He looked happy…more happy than she had ever known him to be and why would he not be happy, he was about to get married to the woman he loved.

After the prayer and addressing the gathering, the priest asked him “Do you take this wonderful lady to be your lawfully wedded wife”. “I do”  he replied with conviction.

She sat in the first row witnessing the proceedings. A silent tear rolled down her cheek. She quietly wiped the tears before anybody saw it. Was it a tear of joy or sadness, nobody could tell.