I promise to love you forever I promise to pray for your happiness I promise to let you be yourself I promise to pray for your good health I promise to believe in you I promise to stand by you I promise to walk by your side I promise to let you go when you […]

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The Other Woman

I called her a homebreaker until I saw her broken heart. I called her cruel until I saw her kindness. I called her a manipulator until I realised she was a victim of circumstance. I called her heartless until I saw her bruised soul. I called her a thief until I saw the things she […]

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Why do I love you? Why do I miss you? Why do I cry with you? Why do I smile with you? Why do I long to see you when you aren’t around? Why do I wish to vanish off the face of earth when I hurt you? I ask myself often But Every time […]

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I know!

When thoughts of self-doubt engulf me I wonder if I made the right choice if we are right for each other if I will ever be at peace But then When I see your smiling face When I feel the warmth of your embrace When I feel the gentle kiss on my forehead I know […]

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Love is in the air

Something is special about this day I feel it in the cool breeze blowing on my face I feel it in the dry leaves flying in the wind I feel it in the colorful flowers¬†bloomed this morning I feel it in the warmth of your smile I feel it in the air I feel the […]

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Happy 93rd Birthday!

Happy Birthday¬†to the Man who loved me unconditionally in spite of all my flaws who was my first teacher, friend and confidant who was the best story-teller ever who departed this world to a better world on a Sunday morning last October who is always missed but continues to remain in a little corner of […]

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Her heart skipped a beat when she saw him. He looked like a prince in the fairy tales that she read as a kid, just that he came in a shiny black car instead of a galloping horse. He winked at her as he passed her and made his way towards the center stage. She […]

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